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19 February 2003 - 10:32pm
Jacob Remery's picture

voted for: TTT.
It has a perfect mix between computer work and real life sets.
It all blended together in a perfect way.
The way Gollum was done is absolutely stunning.

AOTC was very good, but it was way too much computer animations and computer generated sets for me.
Imho it became overkill on these effects.
It all looked too polished and smooth for me.

Just watched the dvd again. I love that movie.
The visual effects are great.
I can watch the scenes over and over again where Spidey swings between the skyscrapers and climb the walls.
But i don't think it will win.

16 February 2003 - 5:07pm
Nilredwen's picture

I too feel TTT should win because of the incredible feat of Gollum. There are other wonderful visual effects such as Gandalf's falling fight with the Balrog that others mentioned but I believe Gollum incredible realness is where TTT truly edges out ATOC clearly. Spiderman was fun but nothing struck me as being of the same calibre as the effects in either of the other two.

16 February 2003 - 1:48pm
radiance's picture

is the best afect , no qustion about it , if thay dont win for him , then the'l have to put him as an actor

as for the rest of the afects , ther good , but not that good.:1roll:

15 February 2003 - 11:48pm
David Vasser's picture

I agree that it is very close between TTT and AOTC. The SPIDERMAN dvd has been doing nothing at my house but collecting dust. I think it has been watched precisely once. Spiderman was a good popcorn film on the big screen as everyone seemed caught up in the "Spidermania" phenomena. The best thing about SPIDEY was the crisply focused, fast sweeping, in-motion cinematography and music.

I gave this lots of thought before ultimately voting for TTT. What clenched it for TTT was the opening sequence as Gandalf battles the Balrog in freefall. This scene thrusts you immediately back into the LOTR fantasy. And of course I had to consider the much discussed GOLLUM, which I agree is probably the best development of a CGI character in an otherwise live action film. Gollum is definitely the Anti-Jar-Jar Binks. I have never heard anyone say, "You know, I didn't like GOLLUM."

A large part of the life and believability in Gollum must be credited to Andy Sirkis's devoted work on the character, much more so than to any technology. I believe that it isn't the technology itself that is so important, but how the artists humanize the technology and use it to actually enhance the story instead of detracting from it. Gollum is without a doubt a character that leaves an impact.

A comment was posted earlier in this thread that the entire AOTC film was CGI. In my opinion AOTC is mostly live action with some very well done CGI special effects overlayed or spliced into the mix. I believe Pixar Studios' "TOY STORY" was actually the first all CGI full length major film to be released and Pixar should always get the well deserved credit for that breakthrough. Who could ever forget the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear, "To infinity and beyond..."?

AOTC is actually remarkable for being the first film recorded on all digital media. If AOTC wins no other awards, it truly deserves a special achievement Oscar for this marvelous technological breakthrough. I believe digital production will ultimately prove far more important than three strip Technicolor or even the first all CGI film. Digital films will never degrade over time as all conventional films do. This won't be fully appreciated in our lifetimes but will only become apparent to film lovers of coming generations because they will see the film exactly as we saw it on opening day. It will never need to be restored, enhanced, tweaked or repaired... never ever. This is the reason AOTC will endure and endear itself to film fans for many generations to come. AOTC is the first full length motion picture that will truly go "to infinity...and beyond!"

15 February 2003 - 10:46am
Anne Ikonen's picture

I think that AOTC should win this one...It was very difficult to choose between TTT and AOTC,but somehow I finally ended up voting Star Wars...

14 February 2003 - 2:33pm
luckyTramp's picture

For me personally Gollum gives TTT the edge over AOTC when it comes to Visual Effects. The amount of liveliness and detail put into this CGI is just awesome.


13 February 2003 - 11:08pm
Skilesca's picture


Visual Effects wise, I went for Attack of the Clones. It's incredible to think that the whole film is CG. It hasn't been done before and that to me deserves the Oscar. Whatever anyone thinks about the film (I love it) it shouldn't matter, because that's not what the award is for. Plus, from start to finish in every scene there was quality visual effects which none of the competitors have.

The Two Towers had good visual effects for Gollum but the Black Riders visuals had been done before (I can't remember the film name, all I know is that it was crap). Apart from that the rest are standard and not worth the Oscar. Didn't even think the film was any good or as good as The Fellowship, but that's another topic altogether.

Spider Man has been bashed to death (Like SW) but just look at the effects for what they are and what the film is about. They work great and that's what it's all about and not if the film was good or bad. IMO I think Spider Man even though it's not a brilliant film, is the best "comic" book to film conversion, with the best visual effects. Please don't compare it to X-Men in a "no way near as good fun" because we aren't talking about that and the X-Men film was a complete bore. I was looking forward to seeing it so much but when I saw it I couldn't believe what a disappointment it was.

I hope Attack of the Clones wins it and it

13 February 2003 - 12:52pm
Grace Francis's picture

I went for Two Towers - there's no denying that Gollum was an incredible acheivement, amongst other things, like the Ents and the mounted Black Riders.

I'd love to see Clones win the award, don't get me wrong, because the visuals were stunning - to think that not one single Clone trooper was a man in a suit! And the battle scenes outside the stadium on Geonosis were pretty much all CG, too, plus the battle Mr.Lee's Dooku had with Yoda flowed incredibly seamlessly IMO. But, unfortunately, I just can't see Star Wars walking away with an Oscar.

And Spiderman...? What innovative effects were in that? To be honest, I thought it was just another comic-book film, and no way near as good fun as X-Men. I sure hope that doesn't walk away with it...

13 February 2003 - 3:59am
LCD's picture

Very difficult to choose, but I voted for "Clones". Has there ever been a tie in that award? If so, I would vote "Two Towers" as well.

13 February 2003 - 12:07am
Sarah's picture

TT was very good. But I voted for AOTC. I thought it was better.


12 February 2003 - 3:48pm
guest's picture

I voted for AOTC, it is a very good film.
I do like it better than TTT.
I think that AOTC should come first, and TTT should come second.


12 February 2003 - 3:01pm
Matt Gemmell's picture

Whilst "The Two Towers" was my favourite film of the three mentioned i had to vote for " Clones " There's just no denying those amazing visuals .

12 February 2003 - 11:07am
Dave Hutchens's picture

I'll be happy if either TTT or AOTC wins, but I certainly hope it's not Spider-Man, one of the most outrageously over-rated films of all time.

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