Crimson Rivers

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25 January 2008 - 10:37pm
christian gonzalo irigoyen's picture

I have seen this excellent film!
Mr. Lee is in this sequel only (in Crimson Rivers 2, I saw it at the cinema)
I always remember to Mr. Lee (role as Heinrich von Garten) saying to Jean Reno´s his partner: "Please my dear in germany language please!"
I enjoy a lot the role of Mr. Lee! He realy speaks Germany very well!

All the best,


28 May 2003 - 3:46pm
guest's picture

I have seen it now and I liked it, looking forward to buying number 2.

Who does Christopher Lee play in Crimson Rivers 2?


19 May 2003 - 5:05pm
guest's picture

Mr. Lee is not in the first one, his only in Crimson Rivers 2.

But you get a feel of what the next one will be like.

I liked the first one, so I'm looking forward to number 2 with Mr. Lee.
So its on my list to buy in July.


19 May 2003 - 4:55pm
John Farrell's picture

Just saw a copy of it at West Coast Video in my hometown, so that's on my list of must-rents.....

13 May 2003 - 6:08pm
Wicker_Amy's picture

I've never heard of it but I will rent it if I see it in BlockBuster next time I go. Smile

11 May 2003 - 5:52pm
guest's picture

No I won't Its not out till 26 th July.


11 May 2003 - 5:22pm
guest's picture

I just read about it on Blackstar and it sounds just like my cup of tea.

I will have it by the end of the month!

Thanks Juan

Here's the link


11 May 2003 - 5:02pm
Frederick Bergstrom's picture

I never even heard of it. I guess i will have to try and rent it before the sequel comes out. Obviouslly, i will be seing that one with CL in it. I dont think the first one was ever in theaters here i never heard of it.. before reading about the sequel on this site

10 May 2003 - 7:02pm
guest's picture

That's one on my list to see, might be hard to get copy.
But I will find one, i'm good at that.


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