Mr. Lee's autograph...a fake?

I'm posting this for the benefit of you all, but also for myself. I am curious to see what Admin and Christina think about this one. This is a close up of the signature from a Saruman photo I bought from a dealer in Hollywood, CA. It looks very similar to Mr. Lee's signatures on the fan package photos...BUT...the photo was signed slightly on a curve, as shown in the image, which made me recently 2nd guess its authenticity. AND I paid $80 for it!

1 September 2002 - 5:06pm
Admin's picture

It is a forgery. Not only the signature is not straight and well defined by it looks ugly. Didn't you see Mr Lee's video?

Before you protect these crooks by asking for your money back. Without raising any suspicions, ask them the following:

Did they witness the signature in person?

Where was it autographed and when?

Get this is writing. Also, I will need the full name and address of these criminals. Once you have that, these people will not know what has hit them. I need evidence first and in writing. Remeber that if you make them suspect, they'll say they got it from someone else and they thought it was genuine.

Did they give you a COA, could you e-mail me a scan?

You paid $80 for that disgrace? Not to worry, there are hundreds of people who buy forgeries everyday and are very happy with them.

1 September 2002 - 7:14pm
Brandon's picture

Yes I did get a COA. That alone should be enough to prove that the item is false. It states they are backing it 100%. I can try to scan it and get it sent to you. May take some time as a friend is borrowing my digital camera. I am glad you cleared this up. I looked at the other day compared to my signed fan package photo and they are similar at times, but altogether different too. I am really bummed out as Saruman (as you ALL know!) is my favorite, and I even had this photo professionally framed which set me back another $50. The company that sold it to me was Alfies of Hollywood.

The gentleman that owns the company stated that the autograph was gotten at LAX airport before Lord of the Rings came out. I believe I still have these emails as well. I hope and pray that you get a hold of this guy Juan, as I am very angry at this point.

Thank you!


1 September 2002 - 7:54pm
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Everything that says it was autographed at LAX is a blatant forgery. Ask them to give you a date, you'll find that last time Mr Lee was there, that still didn't even exist.

Don't bother with the COA, I already have their address.

Ask them again. On which date was it autographed at LAX? Name of the person who witness the signature? Was it them or they got it from someone else? If so, whom and when? Put a bit of presure on them saying that you've see other signatures and you think you have been taken for a ride. They'll then incriminate themselves by telling you a few porkie pies. Whatever you do, don't mention my name or this site because otherwise you'll scare them away.

If you get me that, I'll forward you a sworn statement from Mr Lee stating that his signature has been forged. You can then take your forgery and the statement down the police station, get your money back and some justice.

2 September 2002 - 1:55am
Brandon's picture

Hi Juan,

Well evidently they sign the COA's whenever the photo is obtained. The date on the COA matches the date that the photograph was signed. It says 3-2-02. It also says...

"Alfies Autograph's of Hollywood guarantees that the item described within the attached invoice was autographed by said artist(Drunk in the presence of myself or one of my representatives.

Quantity: 1
Product: Christopher Lee
Product Code: CLLOR022
Description: 8x10 Saruman from Lord of the Rings

Invoice #837
Date of purchase: 3/27/02

Alfies Autographs's
87 Flagg St.
Worcester, MA 01602"

That's pretty much everything on the COA and the invoice. I also have two emails from them saying that it was obtained "in person at LAX." I also asked them in the first email I sent them where it was obtained and if he had a photo of Mr. Lee signing it. His exact response was "things get dicey at press junkets, sorry I don't have a photo." Thank you Juan.

3 September 2002 - 4:59am
Alfonso Casal's picture


The company that sold it to me was Alfies of Hollywood.

Just out of curiousity, I follwed the link and found out that, although the website was still up, there's a notice saying that their "on-line ordering system is temporarily disabled." I wonder why? Hmmm.

Bye the way, I also noticed that one of the "celebrities" the owner supposedly has taken a picture with is Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger?????????????? Nixon's Secretary of State?????????? I never knew there were that many Henry Kissinger fans. LOL.

4 September 2002 - 4:41pm
Trevor Ball's picture

I bought this signed book on eBay about a month ago, the autograph appears to be geniune, but I'm no expert, what do you think Juan?

4 September 2002 - 8:57pm
Markus Schaffer's picture

hi Trevor this is a real autograph Mr. Lee did do a book signing last year at the cinema store in London whit Jonathan Rigby

4 September 2002 - 9:14pm
Alfonso Casal's picture


hi Trevor this is a real    autograph Mr. Lee did do a book signing last year at the cinema store in London whit  Jonathan Rigby

And at the Barbican previously. Stil, that's no guarantee, as a clever forger should find it just as easy to forge Mr. Rigby's signature -- having both would make a fake seem more authentic. Double check, Trevor. Did the seller say where the book signing took place?

4 September 2002 - 9:24pm
Trevor Ball's picture

Yes, the seller said that it was signed at the Cinema Store in Nottingham last year, there's no COA or anything and I don't know how I can check if it's genuine, you can see the auction here:

I won't be buying Mr Lee's autographs from eBay again, I'll buy them all here, where there's no doubt about their authenticity.

Many thanks.


4 September 2002 - 10:12pm
Brandon's picture


Is there anything else you need from me regarding the photograph this thread was originally discussing? I'm looking to nail the guy that did this to me, and I'm sick of people selling fake Mr. Lee autographs to fans. Let me know what else you need so we can put a stop to this gentleman.



15 September 2002 - 6:54am
Admin's picture

This gentleman is in big trouble. Check out this page:

It is not the first time, but I can assure i it will be the last time he sells another forgery. Expect his site to disapear into thin dust anytime from now.

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