Incident at Victoria Falls

Tag: TV Movie

Title: Incident at Victoria Falls
AKA: Incident at Victoria Falls
Year: 1992
Character: Sherlock Holmes
Director: Bill Corcoran
Cameraman: Rod Stewart
Screenplay: Gerry O'Hara, Bob Shayne
Runtime: 200
Country: UK | Italy | Belgium | Luxembourg | France | USA
Genre: Adventure | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Studio: Banque Paribas Luxembourg, Banquet et Caisse D'Epargne de l'etat, Harmony Gold Finance Luxembourg S.A., Silvio Berlusconi Communications
Classification: G

Language: English
Audio: Stereo
Colour: Color



Four countries--Great Britain, Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg--were in on the financing of 1991's Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls. At first glance, Christopher Lee seems too old to play Conan Doyle's master detective, but the script allows for this by having the story takes place on the eve of Holmes' retirement. As Dr. Watson, Patrick McNee returns to the "comic relief" mode established in the 1940s by Nigel Bruce, albeit with less empty-headedness than was customary with Bruce. The plot concerns the safe passage of a valuable South African diamond, and the multitude of robberies, recoveries and major and minor intrigues the transpire before the denouement at the titular falls. To establish time and place, King Edward VI (Joss Ackland) and Teddy Roosevelt (Claude Akins) make brief appearances. When originally presented on European television, Incident at Victoria Falls was a four-hour miniseries, with Jenny Seagrove appearing in a sizeable role. For its American syndicated-TV bow in 1992, the film was somewhat clumsily chopped down to two hours, and Seagrove's part was eliminated (though her name still appears in the opening and closing credits). Incident at Victoria Falls is strongest in its elegant ambience and attention to detail; it is least successful in its ham-handed comic interludes.


Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes
Patrick Macnee as Dr. John Watson
Jenny Seagrove as Lillie Langtry
Joss Ackland as King Edward
Richard Todd as Lord Roberts
Claude Akins as Theodore Roosevelt
John Indi as Khumalo
Steven Gurney as Gugliamo Marconi
Sunitha Singh as Maharani
Claudia Udy as Amelia Roosevelt Morrison
Neil McCarthy as Captain James Morrison
Jay Pillay as Chandra Sen (as Pat Pillay)
Dale Cutts as Superintendent Henry Van Meer
Alan Coates as Stanley I. Bullard
Margaret John as Mrs. Hudson
Kessie Govender as Ram Dhulup (as Kessie Govendor)
Jerome Willis as Mycroft Holmes
Kessie Govendor as Ram Dhulup
Hywell Williams as Lord Milner
Kenway Baker as Inspector Lestrade
Sangeeta Jina as Uma
Dominic Makuwachuma as Themba
Ron Smerczak as Lt. Grisholm
Michael Brunner as Colonel Thornbury
Trevor Keeling as Hotel Manager
Patrick Cadman as Telegrapher
Stephen Chigorimbo as Waiter on Train (as Steve Chigorimbo)
Jones Muguse as Chief Cook
Anthony Fairclough as Officer
Brian Cooper as Conductor
Lawford Sutton-Price as Sergeant Fuller
Michael Parker as Maitre D'
Kala Jina as Neighbor Woman
Taffy Chihota as Desk Clerk #1 (as Tafi Chiota)
Andrew Whaley as Desk Clerk #2
Trevor Pugh as Connery
Paul Tingay as Anglican Minister
Brian McCurdy as Coachman rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anthony Fridjohn as Constantine Marvopolis

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