Goliath Awaits

Tag: TV Movie

Title: Goliath Awaits
AKA: Goliath Awaits
Year: 1981
Character: John McKenzie
Director: Kevin Connor
Cameraman: Al Francis
Screenplay: Richard M. Bluel, Pat Fielder, Richard M. Bluel, Pat Fielder, Hugh Benson
Runtime: 200
Country: USA
Genre: Adventure | Sci-Fi | Drama | Romance | Thriller
Studio: Larry White Productions, Gay-Jay Production, Columbia Pictures Television, Operation Prime Time (OPT)
Classification: PG

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Color
Tagline: 40 years ago it sank, now... Goliath Awaits.
The depth of danger is measured in blood...
Miracle of survival or underwater hell?



Though it strains credibility to the breaking point, the made-for-TV Goliath Awaits proved a ratings success when it was first syndicated via "Operation Prime Time" on November 16, 1981. Mark Harmon plays oceanographer Peter Cabot, who intends to salvage valuable treasures from the ocean liner Goliath, which was sunk by a German U-boat during World War II. Descending into the ocean depths, Cabot stares into one of the portholes of the Goliath--only to see someone staring back at him! Through a fluke, the submerged Goliath's air supply has remained intact for nearly forty years, and a tiny group of survivors (and their progeny) live in an idyllic society ruled by benevolent despot John McKenzie (Christopher Lee). But when Cabot announces that he intends to rescue the denizens of the Goliath, McKenzie's benevolence quickly evaporates. Originally telecast in two 2-hour installments, Goliath Awaits was also made available as a ten-episode miniseries.


Mark Harmon as Peter Cabot
Christopher Lee as John McKenzie
Eddie Albert as Admiral Wiley Sloan
John Carradine as Ronald Bentley
Alex Cord as Dr. Sam Marlowe
Robert Forster as Comdr. Jeff Selkirk
Frank Gorshin as Dan Wesker
Jean Marsh as Dr. Goldman
John McIntire as Senator Oliver Bartholomew
Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Bartholomew
Duncan Regehr as Paul Ryker
Emma Samms as Lea McKenzie
Alan Fudge as Lew Bascomb
George Innes
Lori Lethin as Maria
John Ratzenberger as Bill Sweeney
Julie Bennett as Sylvia King
John Berwick as Crewman
Kirk Cameron as Liam
Colin Drake as Old Man
Tom Dunstan as Agra Worker
Michael Evans as Eric Whittaker
Bruce Heighley as Technician
Hedley Mattingly as Bailey
Belinda Mayne as Sally Crane
Christina Nigra as Beth
Sandy Simpson as Moore
Warwick Sims as Luke Crane
Peter von Zerneck as Hoffman
Michael White as PC18 Officer rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Lawrence Benedict as Young Bailey
John Brandon as Chief Engineer
Alan Caillou as Goliath Captain
Laurence Haddon as Captain Volero
Irene Hervey as Carrie
Larry Levine
Kip Niven as Gantman
Peter Stader as Ed Linder
Laird Stuart as Paul
Michael M. Vendrell as Robbie Cole
Tom Willett as Dancer / Lambeth Walk


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