Wyrd Sisters

Tag: TV Mini-Series

Title: Wyrd Sisters
AKA: Wyrd Sisters
Year: 1997
Character: Death
Country: UK
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Fantasy
Studio: Cosgrove Hall Films

Language: English



Based on the Terry Pratchett novel. On Discworld, (a world carried on four elephants standing on a huge turtle travelling in space), in a small country called Lancre, three witches, the flowery Magrat Garlick, the lively Nanny Ogg and their leader Granny Weatherwax find themselves dragged into royal politics. The king of Lancre, Verence, has been murdered by Duke Felmet and he has taken over control of the country (but he is trapped under the control of his over-powering wife - the Duchess.) However there are two problems, firstly the Duke hates Lancre and the actual kingdom of Lancre is pressing the witches to find a king that would take better care of it. The second and bigger problem is that Verence's baby son has escaped and has fallen into the hands of the witches prompting the Duke's fury towards the witches. The son must be protected but Granny doesn't want to get involved with the situation but it looks like she doesn't have a choice in the matter...


Christopher Lee as Death (unknown episodes)
Jane Horrocks as Magrat (unknown episodes)
June Whitfield as Nanny Ogg (unknown episodes)
Annette Crosbie as Granny Weatherwax (unknown episodes)
Eleanor Bron as Duchess Felmet (unknown episodes)
Les Dennis as The Fool / as (unknown episodes)
Andy Hockley (unknown episodes)
David Holt (unknown episodes)
Jimmy Hibbert (unknown episodes)
Rob Rackstraw (unknown episodes)
Melissa Sinden (unknown episodes)
Taff Girdlestone (unknown episodes)


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