Valley of Eagles

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Title: Valley of Eagles
AKA: Valley of Eagles
Year: 1951
Character: Det. Holt
Director: Terence Young
Cameraman: Harry Waxman
Screenplay: Nat A. Bronstein, Paul Tabori, Terence Young
Runtime: 86
Country: UK
Genre: Adventure | Drama
Studio: Independent Sovereign Films

Language: English
Audio: Mono (Western Electric Recording)
Colour: Black and White
Tagline: Filmed in the icy wilderness of the perilous Arctic
Screaming to the Attack! Birds of Prey With Talons of Terror!
Thrills...never before filmed!



In this action-adventure film, a Swedish professor searches for his treacherous wife and his assistant after they steal his research and head for the frozen wastes of Lapland. The scientist is accompanied by a police inspector. During their journey, they are attacked by wolves. Fortunately native Laplanders use their trained eagles to help rescue the two. Later the wicked lovers end up killed in an avalanche.


Jack Warner as Inspector Peterson
Nadia Gray as Kara Niemann
John McCallum as Dr. Nils Ahlen
Anthony Dawson as Sven Nystrom
Mary Laura Wood as Helga Ahlen
Naima Wifstrand as Baroness Erland
Norman Macowan as McTavis, ferry pilot
Alfred Maurstad as Trerik
Martin Boddey as Chief of the Lost Valley
Christopher Lee as Det. Holt
Ewen Solon as Det. Anderson
Gösta Cederlund as Prof. Lind
Sten Lindgren as Director-General of the Research Inst.
Kurt-Olof Sundström
Peter Blitz as Anders rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Trillot Billquist as Colonel Strand (uncredited)
Sarah Crawford as Noma (uncredited)
Holger Kax as Minor Role (uncredited)
Natasha Sokolova as Minor Role (uncredited)
Molly Warner as Frau Lind (uncredited)
George Willoughby as Bertil (uncredited)

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