They Were Not Divided

Tag: Movie

Title: They Were Not Divided
AKA: They Were Not Divided
Year: 1950
Character: Chris Lewis
Director: Terence Young
Cameraman: Harry Waxman
Screenplay: Terence Young
Runtime: 102
Country: UK
Genre: War
Studio: Two Cities Films

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Black and White



This wartime drama recounts the training process of the British Tank Corps. The story concentrates on two recruits: Englishman Philip (Edward Underdown) and American David (Ralph Clanton). After a grueling training period and a long, frustratingly uneventful encampment on British soil, Philip and David are shipped to the Front. Both men have a rendezvous with destiny during the German offensive at Ardennes. R.S.M. Brittain etches a chilling portrayal of a merciless drill sergeant, while the splendidly mustached Michael Trubshawe is equally effective as a by-the-book major. Since there must be a romantic subplot, it is fortunate indeed that the heroes' ladies are played by two charming and talented actresses, Helen Cherry and Stella Andrews.


Edward Underdown as Philip Hamilton
Ralph Clanton as David Morgan
Helen Cherry as Wilhelmina Hamilton
Stella Andrew as Jane
Michael Brennan as Smoke O'Connor
Michael Trubshawe as Maj. Bushey Noble
John Wynn as '45 Jones
Desmond Llewelyn as '77 Jones
Rupert Gerard as Earl of Bentham
Rufus Cruikshank as Sgt. Dean
Estelle Brody as War Correspondent
Anthony Dawson as Michael
Christopher Lee as Chris Lewis
Iain Murray as Commanding Officer
R.S.M. Brittain as Regimental Sergeant Major
Alvin Floyd as Butch
Robert Ayres as American Brigadier
David Rose as The General
Jacqueline Robert as Belgian Girl
Tex Price as Tex rest of cast listed alphabetically:
William Sylvester as American soldier
Peter Burton as Minor Role (uncredited)
Charles Perry as Minor Role (uncredited)

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