Tale of the Mummy

Tag: Movie

Title: Tale of the Mummy
AKA: Tale of the Mummy
Year: 1998
Character: Sir Richard Turkel
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Cameraman: Gabriel Beristain
Screenplay: Keith Williams, Russell Mulcahy, John Esposito, Russell Mulcahy
Runtime: 88
Country: USA | Luxembourg | UK
Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Horror | Sci-Fi
Studio: 7th Voyage, Cine Grande Corporation, K.N.B. Effects Group, Carousel Picture Company, The, The Pharaohs Company Ltd.
Classification: R

Language: English
Audio: Dolby Digital
Colour: Color
Tagline: The curse is legend. The terror is real.



Best known for his Highlander series, Russell Mulcahy pays homage to the Hammer films of the 1960s with this all-star recreation of the Mummy story. Centuries ago, a sadistic prince named Talos was buried and his tomb was infinitely cursed so that no man would ever again suffer from his evil ways. But hundreds of years later, a group of archeologists break the seal of the tomb and are brutally massacred. The bandages of Talos are discovered years later by the head archeologist's daughter and brought back to London to be displayed in a museum. But the bandages go on a violent rampage. His evil threatens to spread around the world when the approaching alignment of the planets will raise the legendary Talos to a level of immortal power. The American detective in charge of the affair and the daughter of the archeologist race against time to defeat the malicious mummy. Russell Mulcahy has modern computer graphics techniques on his side in this remake of the classic Mummy monster story. At the same time, he has invited the legendary Christopher Lee to appear in the role of the ill-fated archeologist who discovers Talos. Shelley Duvall and Jason Scott Lee round out the main cast.


Jason Scott Lee as Riley
Louise Lombard as Samantha Turkel
Sean Pertwee as Bradley Cortese
Lysette Anthony as Dr. Claire Mulrooney
Michael Lerner as Professor Marcus
Jack Davenport as Detective Bartone
Honor Blackman as Captain Shea
Christopher Lee as Sir Richard Turkel
Shelley Duvall as Edith Butros
Gerard Butler as Burke
Jon Polito as Parsons
Ronan Vibert as Young
Bill Treacher as Stuart
Elizabeth Power as Mary
Roger W. Morrissey as The Mummy (as Roger Morrissey)
Cyril Nri as Forensics
Edward Tudor-Pole as Blind Man (as Edward Tudor Pole)
Craig Stoutt as Nabil
Anthony Beselle as Museum Guard #1
Jamie Treacher as Museum Guard #2
Ann Overstall Comfort as Olga
Enzo as Prince Talos
Waris as Princess Nefrianna
Alex Torino as Nirwar
David Sterne as Morris
David Henry as Coroner
Leslie Woodhall as Paperman (as Les Woodhall)
Tim Hope Frost as Bus Driver (as Tim Hope-Frost)
Mike West as Police Guard
Nicholas Hum as Nirwar's Friend (as Nicholas Hume)
Alison Bullivent as Maid
Ciaran Mulhern as Nervous Student (credit only) (as Cairan Mulhern)
Luke de Lacey as Wise-cracking Student (credit only) (as Luke De Lacey)
Valérie Schiel as Stand-in
Enzo Junior as Prince Talos
Julian Nest as Lab Technician (as Julian Vincent)
Hervé Sogne as Stand-in


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