Moulin Rouge

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Title: Moulin Rouge
AKA: Moulin Rouge
Year: 1952
Character: Georges Seurat
Director: John Huston
Cameraman: Oswald Morris
Screenplay: John Huston, Pierre La Mure, Anthony Veiller
Runtime: 119
Country: UK
Genre: Biography | Drama | Music | Romance
Studio: Romulus Films, Moulin Productions Inc.

Language: English
Audio: Mono (Western Electric Recording)
Colour: Color (Technicolor)
Tagline: The most startling and daring love story ever told!
Wild, wicked, wonderful Paris...all her loves, ladies and lusty legends!



Moulin Rouge is the story of 19th century French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, portrayed by José Ferrer. The film records his frustration over his physical handicap (the growth in his legs was stunted by a childhood accident), his efforts to "lose" himself in Paris' bawdy Montmartre district, and his career as a painter, which brought him money only when he turned out advertising posters--but what posters! Toulouse-Lautrec's drinking and debauchery lead to his early death, which in the hands of director John Huston is staged (brilliantly) in the manner of a musical comedy finale. This is the film in which Zsa Zsa Gabor actually acts, in the role of demimonde entertainer Jane Avril. As a bonus, the film's musical score (by Georges Auric) managed to hit the Top Ten charts in the U.S. When this immensely successful film was released to television in the late '50s, Moulin Rouge proved to be one of the strongest-ever incentives to purchase a color TV set.


José Ferrer as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec / The Comte de Toulouse-Lautrec
Colette Marchand as Marie Charlet
Zsa Zsa Gabor as Jane Avril
Suzanne Flon as Myriamme Hayam
Claude Nollier as Countess de Toulouse-Lautrec
Katherine Kath as La Goulue
Muriel Smith as Aicha
Mary Clare as Madame Louet
Walter Crisham as Valentin Dessosse
Harold Kasket as Zidler
Georges Lannes as Police Sgt. Patou
Lee Montague as Maurice Joyant
Maureen Swanson as Denise de Frontiac
Tutte Lemkow as Aicha's Partner
Jill Bennett as Sarah
Theodore Bikel as King Milo IV of Serbia
Peter Cushing as Marcel de la Voisier
Charles Carson as Mr. Paquin
Walter Cross as Babare rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Hilary Allen as Cancan Dancer (uncredited)
Michael Balfour as Dodo (uncredited)
Madge Brindley as  (uncredited)
Maria Britneva as  (uncredited)
Jacques Cey as  (uncredited)
Diane Cilento as  (uncredited)
Jean Claudio as Drunken Reveller (uncredited)
Michèle Clément as French Girl (uncredited)
Irissa Cooper as  (uncredited)
Ina De La Haye as  (uncredited)
Hugh Dempster as  (uncredited)
Francis De Wolff as Victor (uncredited)
Suzi Euzaine as Lorette (uncredited)
Fernand Fabre as General (uncredited)
Moyra Fraser as Cancan Dancer (uncredited)
David Garth as  (uncredited)
Isabel George as  (uncredited)
Jim Gérald as Pere Cotelle (uncredited)
Anthony Gray as  (uncredited)
Everley Gregg as  (uncredited)
Peter Haddon as  (uncredited)
Rupert John as Chocolat (uncredited)
Jean Landier as Anquetin (uncredited)
Christopher Lee as Georges Seurat (uncredited)
Robert Le Fort as Gauzi (uncredited)
Rene Leplat as  (uncredited)
Sara Luzita as Cancan Dancer (uncredited)
Margaret Maxwell as  (uncredited)
Richard Molinas as  (uncredited)
Aleta Morrison as Cancan Dancer (uncredited)
Guy Moschen as Delivery Boy (uncredited)
Sheila Nelson as Cancan Dancer (uncredited)
Terence O'Regan as  (uncredited)
Jean Ozenne as Felix (uncredited)
George Pastell as Man at First Bar (uncredited)
Charles Perry as  (uncredited)
Eric Pohlmann as Picard (uncredited)
Rene Poirier as  (uncredited)
Bernard Rebel as  (uncredited)
Charles Reynolds as  (uncredited)
Christopher Rhodes as  (uncredited)
Raymond Rollett as  (uncredited)
Maria Samina as Cancan Dancer (uncredited)
Michael Seavers as  (uncredited)
Mons. Tabourno as Maitre d' Pre Catalan (uncredited)
Tim Turner as  (uncredited)
Mons. Valerbe as Sommelier (uncredited)
Friedrich von Ledebur as Maitre d'Hotel Maxim's (uncredited)
Donovan Winter as  (uncredited)
Elwy Yost as Moulin Rouge Customer (uncredited)

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