Tag: Movie

Title: Jinnah
AKA: Jinnah
Year: 1998
Character: Mohammed Ali Jinnah
Director: Jamil Dehlavi
Cameraman: Nicholas D. Knowland
Screenplay: Akbar Ahmed, Jamil Dehlavi
Runtime: 110
Country: UK | Pakistan
Genre: Biography | Drama | War
Studio: Dehlavi Films, Petra Film, The Quaid Project

Language: English
Audio: Dolby SR
Colour: Color
Tagline: He fought for justice, and made Pakistan.



Those familiar with Pakistan's history will be most likely to appreciate this elaborate tribute to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the man who created the Muslim nation in the wake of Great Britain's relinquishment of control over India. The story begins on a fantastical note, as an ailing Jinnah (Christopher Lee) expires and then finds himself in a heavenly place awaiting final judgment on his deeds. That could take some time, for the celestial bureaucrats in charge have misplaced Jinnah's file and the whole heavenly computer network is down. With nothing but time on his hands, Jinnah answers the many questions of his guide (Shashi Kapoor). His responses comprise the main story. Jinnah's tale begins in 1947 as England prepares to grant India its freedom. Muslims have always been a minority in the diverse country and Jinnah wants to create a country especially for them. The Muslim leader's nemesis, Viceroy Mountbatten (James Fox) finds Jinnah's proposal disturbing and so attempts to convince Ghandi (Sam Dastor) and Nehru (Robert Ashby) to dissuade Jinnah from starting more trouble, but it is to no avail. The story then jumps backward to 1916 when Jinnah (played as a young man by Richard Lintern) served as a prominent member of the India Congress Party. It was during this time that he married a beautiful Parsee (Indira Varma). As the guide continues his questions, a deeper understanding of Jinnah and the bloody events surrounding the genesis of Pakistan emerges. Jinnah played at the 1998 Montreal Festival of New Cinema & New Media.


Christopher Lee as Mohammed Ali Jinnah
James Fox as Mountbatten
Maria Aitken as Edwina
Shashi Kapoor as Narrator
Richard Lintern as Jinnah (Younger)
Shireen Shah as Fatima Jinnah
Robert Ashby as Nehru
Indira Varma as Ruttie Jinnah
Sam Dastor as Gandhi
Yousuf Kamal as Liaquat Ali Khan (as Shakeel) rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nafees Ahmed as Younger Dina
Vaneeza Ahmed as Dina (Older)
Roger Brierley as Judge
Rowena Cooper as Lady Willingdon
James Curran as Colonel Knowles
Vernon Dobtcheff as Lord Willingdon
Michael Elwyn as Sir Cyril Radcliffe
Ian Gelder as The English police officer
Christopher Godwin as Recruitment officer
John Grillo as Sir Dinshaw Petit
Talat Hussain as Refugee
Stephen Mortlock as English Reporter
John Nettleton as General Gracie
David Quilter as Porrit
Khayyam Sarhadi as Nishtar
David Sterne as Birtwhistle
Marc Zuber as Muhammad Iqhal


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