Glorious 39

Tag: Movie

Title: Glorious 39
AKA: Glorious 39
Year: 2009
Character: Walter Page
Director: Stephen Poliakoff
Cameraman: Danny Cohen
Screenplay: Stephen Poliakoff
Runtime: 129
Country: UK
Genre: Drama | History | Romance | Thriller | War
Studio: BBC Films, UK Film Council, Screen East Content Investment Fund, Quickfire Films, Talkback Thames, Magic Light Pictures
Classification: R

Language: English
Colour: Color



A woman makes a surprising discovery with dangerous consequences in this period suspense thriller, set in 1939. Anne Keyes (Romola Garai) is an attractive young woman who is enjoying modest success as a film actress; she's also the adopted daughter of Alexander Keyes (Bill Nighy), a career politician and member of Parliament. Anne still lives in the family home with her father, mother Maud (Jenny Agutter), budding diplomat brother Ralph (Eddie Redmayne) and socialite sister Celia (Juno Temple). One night, Hector (David Tennant), one of Alexander's friends, stops by for dinner and during a heated conversation makes no secret of his disapproval of prime minister Neville Chamberlain and his efforts to appease Adolph Hitler's Nazi regime. Another dinner guest, Balcombe (Jeremy Northam) doesn't care for what Hector has to say, and later that evening, Hector is found dead, an apparent suicide. Anne, however, begins to suspect foul play when she finds a set of phonograph records that document conversations of men discussing state intelligence secrets. When Anne ties to share this discovery with others, they're soon found dead, and she's no longer certain what she should do with these deadly secrets. Glorious 39 was an official selection at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.


Romola Garai as Anne Keyes
Eddie Redmayne as Ralph Keyes
Juno Temple as Celia Keyes
Toby Regbo as Michael Walton
Christopher Lee as Walter Page
Corin Redgrave as Oliver
Charlie Cox as Lawrence
David Tennant as Hector Haldane MP
Bill Nighy as Sir Alexander Keyes
Jeremy Northam as Balcombe
Katharine Burford as Lucy
Jenny Agutter as Maud
Julie Christie as Aunt Elizabeth
Hugh Bonneville as Gilbert
Asier Newman as Mick
Nicholas Blane as Vicar
Jane Fowler as Kathleen
Sam Kubrick-Finney as Young Walter
Angela Terence as Betty
Jason White as Dawson
Tom Goodman-Hill as Director
Anthony Flanagan as Military Policeman
Ryan Kiggell as Soldier Guarding Door
Sarah Woodruff as Miss Semel
Suzanne Burden as Receptionist at Vet
Richard Cordery as Vet
Joy McBrinn as Mrs. Knight
Sharon Bower as Michael's Mother
Muriel Pavlow as Old Anne rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anna Bailey as Sleeping Girl / Debutante (uncredited)
Catherine Balavage as Sleeping Girl / Debutante (uncredited)
James Bartholomew as Police Photographer (uncredited)
David Frost as Male Film Technician (uncredited)
Alyn Gwyndaf as Plain Clothes Detective (uncredited)
Sam Heydon as Henry Appleby (uncredited)

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