A Feast at Midnight

Tag: Movie

Title: A Feast at Midnight
AKA: A Feast at Midnight
Year: 1995
Character: V. E. 'Raptor' Longfellow
Director: Justin Hardy
Cameraman: Tim Maurice-Jones
Screenplay: Justin Hardy, Yoshi Nishio
Runtime: 105
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family
Studio: Kwai River
Classification: PG

Language: English
Audio: Dolby
Colour: Color



This British comedy is set within the confines of the snooty Dryden Park boarding school in rural England. The story centers on a lonely 10-year old boy, Magnus, whose parents are staying in Paris and cannot even be bothered to take him to the school themselves; instead, he arrives by cab. Once at the school, Magnus must endure all sorts of humiliations and torments at the hands of the other boys and from the staff. Later when Magnus organizes a secret gourmet club to help counteract the horribly healthy food foisted upon them by the headmaster, he begins making friends. The club members, using recipes from Magnus' father, make all kinds of delicacies. One of them is a homemade alcohol-laced chocolate cake that gets the students rip-roaring drunk. The inebriated chums begin splashing around in the school pool and have great fun until the Latin teacher's lovely daughter joins them, and all hell breaks loose when they are caught.


Freddie Findlay as Magnus
Aled Roberts as Goff
Andrew Lusher as Tava
Christopher Lee as V. E. 'Raptor' Longfellow
Robert Hardy as Headmaster
Samuel West as Chef
Carol MacReady as Miss Plunder
Lisa Faulkner as Miss Charlotte
Edward Fox as Father
John Hurley as Cabbie
Sebastian Armesto as Oberoi (as Sebastián Fernández-Armesto)
Stuart Hawley as Bathurst
Jordan Ruffell as Mee
Edward Hassard as Cubitt
Matthew Blakiston as Merriman
Dominic Dowbekin as Williams
Harry Stapleton as Pears
Jake Meyer as Luerssen
Tom Radcliffe as Burkhart
Julie Dreyfus as Mother
Michael Gove as Chaplain
Dan Fenton as Monsieur Joudren
Michael Fenner as Mr. Bathurst
Julian Ellison as Milkman
Brian Cant as Mr. Hill
Stuart Moore as German Couple #1
Jane Moore as German Couple #2
Jack Fletcher as Father's Chauffeur
Bruce McCrae
Max Elliot
George Elliot
Les Harding
Leigh Burr
Sally Massey
Jan Price
Heidi Vines
Paul Dowbekin
Rosemary Dowbekin
Martin Butt
Donald Duncan
Dominic Le Moignan
Nicolas Le Moignan (as Nick Le Moignan)
Colyn Moore


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