Corridor of Mirrors

Tag: Movie

Title: Corridor of Mirrors
AKA: Corridor of Mirrors
Year: 1948
Character: Charles
Director: Terence Young
Cameraman: André Thomas
Screenplay: Christopher Massie, Rudolph Cartier, Edana Romney
Runtime: 105
Country: UK
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Studio: Apollo

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Black and White



Based on a novel by Chris Massie, Corridor of Mirrors is a British attempt to match the poetry and lyricism of the French cinema of the late 1940s. Eric Portman plays a contemporary artist who tends to live in the past. He surrounds himself with Renaissance artwork, obsessed with the notion that he and his lady friend (Edana Romney) are reincarnations of the lovers in a centuries-old painting. Portman's delusions eventually lead to murder. Critical reaction to Corridor of Mirrors was split right down the middle: American critics found the film profound, while British commentators dismissed it as empty and ponderous.


Eric Portman as Paul Mangin
Edana Romney as Mifanwy Conway
Barbara Mullen as Veronica
Hugh Sinclair as Owen Rhys
Bruce Belfrage as Sir David Conway
Alan Wheatley as Edgar Orsen
Joan Maude as Caroline Hart
Leslie Weston as Mortimer
Hugh Latimer as Bing
John Penrose as Brandy
Christopher Lee as Charles
Lois Maxwell as Lois
Mavis Villiers as Babs
Thora Hird as Visitor in Tussauds rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Valentine Dyall as Counsel for Defence (uncredited)
Susanne Gibbs as Gwendoline (uncredited)
Noel Howlett as Psychiatrist (uncredited)
Gordon McLeod as Public Prosecutor (uncredited)

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