The Castle of Fu Manchu

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Title: The Castle of Fu Manchu
AKA: Sax Rohmer's The Castle of Fu Manchu
Year: 1969
Character: Fu Manchu
Director: Jesus Franco
Cameraman: Manuel Merino
Screenplay: Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Manfred Barthel, Manfred Barthel, Michael Haller, Sax Rohmer, Harry Alan Towers
Runtime: 85
Country: West Germany | Italy | Spain | UK | Liechtenstein
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Horror | Thriller
Studio: Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas, International Cinema, Italian International Film, Terra-Filmkunst, Tilma Films, Towers of London

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Color (Eastmancolor)
Tagline: He's Back!!! The World's Most Evil Man with a Fiendish Plan of Conquest



This extremely low-budget adventure was director Jesus Franco's second Fu Manchu film for British producer Harry Alan Towers. Christopher Lee returns as the Asian madman, who has developed a way to turn the oceans into ice as part of his plan to rule the world. Kidnapping famed Prof. Herakles (Gustavo Re), Fu forces the doctor to help him with his diabolical plan. When Herakles' health starts to fail, Fu kidnaps two more people (Guenther Stoll, Maria Perschy) for a transplant operation at his Istanbul headquarters. Fu's old rivals Dennis Nayland Smith (Richard Green) and Dr. Petrie (Howard Marion Crawford) come to Turkey to foil his evil experiments. Rosalba Neri, Jose Manuel Martin, and Werner Abrolat co-star in this poor fifth installment in the popular series. The film is so poorly conceived that -- although it was made in color -- the shipwreck caused by Fu is actually a black-and-white scene borrowed wholesale from A Night to Remember. For completists only, this disastrous entry also stars Herbert Fuchs and Tsai Chin, while Franco makes a cameo as a Turkish detective. Various versions run 92, 86, and 85 minutes.


Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
Richard Greene as Nayland Smith
Howard Marion-Crawford as Doctor Petrie (as Howard Marion Crawford)
Günther Stoll as Curt (as Gunther Stoll)
Rosalba Neri as Lisa
Maria Perschy as Marie
José Manuel Martín as Omar Pashu (as Jose Manuel Martin)
Werner Abrolat as Melnik (as Werner Aprelat)
Tsai Chin as Lin Tang rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jesus Franco as Inspector Ahmet (uncredited)
Osvaldo Genazzani as Sir Robert (uncredited)
Burt Kwouk as Feno (uncredited)
Gustavo Re as Professor Heracles (uncredited)
Gene Reyes as Ahmet's Aide (uncredited)

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