In the Beginning

Tag: TV Movie

Title: In the Beginning
AKA: In the Beginning
Year: 2000
Character: Rameses II
Director: Kevin Connor
Cameraman: Elemér Ragályi
Screenplay: John Goldsmith
Runtime: 189
Country: USA
Genre: Adventure | Drama
Studio: HCC Happy Crew Company, Hallmark Entertainment, NBC Studios, NGP Holding

Language: English
Audio: Stereo
Colour: Color
Tagline: From creation to the commandments, Man's greatest journey starts here..



A kind of "best-of" account of the books of Genesis and Exodus, this two-part NBC miniseries aired in November 2000. Part One, set in the desert, covers the stories of Abraham (Martin Landau), Sarah (Jacqueline Bisset), Isaac (Sean Pertwee), Rebeccah (Diana Rigg), Esau (Andrew Grainger), and Jacob (Frederick Weller) and culminates with the enslavement of Joseph (Eddie Cibrian). Part Two, set in biblical Egypt, focuses on the story of Moses (Billy Campbell) and his deliverance of his people from slavery. Also included in the miniseries' huge and illustrious cast are Alan Bates as Jethro, Geraldine Chaplin as Yocheved, and Jonathan Firth as Joshua.


Martin Landau as Abraham
Jacqueline Bisset as Sarah
Bill Campbell as Moses
Eddie Cibrian as Joseph
Frederick Weller as Jacob
Alan Bates as Jethro
Steven Berkoff as Potiphar
Geraldine Chaplin as Yocheved
Amanda Donohoe as Zuleika
Christopher Lee as Rameses I
Art Malik as Rameses II
Rachael Stirling as Young Rebeccah
Diana Rigg as Mature Rebeccah
Victor Spinetti as Happatezoah, Pharaoh's Magician
David Threlfall as Aaron
David Warner as Eliezer
Sara Carver as Hagar
Terri Seymour as Eve
Sendhil Ramamurthy as Adam
Sean Pertwee as Issac
Andrew Grainger as Esau
Sophie Linfield as Rachel
Crispian Belfrage as Simeon
Tom Harper as Benjamin
Richard Rees as Pharaoh Seti I
Jeremy Peters as Amran
Gaby Vear Toscano as Miriam
Archie Panjabi as Basya, Pharaoh's Daughter
Brana Bajic as Zipporah
Jonathan Firth as Joshua rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Josephine Amankwah as Handmaiden
Buki Armstrong as Hittite Woman #1
Abderrahim Bargache as Merchant
Benedick Blythe as Traveller
Niven Boyd as Rachel's Brother
Nick Brimble as Rider #1
Ian Burfield as Lot
Melanie Claus as Hittite Woman #2 (as Mel Claus)
Christopher Fairbank as Idol Worshipper
Zoltán Gera as Cloth Merchant
László Görög as Man of Haran
Anton Gregory as Pharaoh's Son
Edward Hardwi

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