Babes in Bagdad

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Title: Babes in Bagdad
AKA: Babes in Bagdad
Year: 1952
Character: Slave dealer
Director: Jerónimo Mihura, Edgar G. Ulmer
Cameraman: Jack E. Cox, José Luis Pérez de Rozas, Georges Périnal
Screenplay: Joe Ansen, Felix E. Feist, Reuben Levy, John Roeburt
Runtime: 95
Country: UK | Spain | USA
Genre: Comedy
Studio: Danziger Productions Ltd., Orphea Film

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Color (Anscocolor)
SEE! Beautiful Love-Captives Sold into Slavery!
SEE! The Spectacular Bath of The Harem Queens!
SEE! The Flaming Revolt of a Thousand Wives!
The shapes that shook a Harem Empire!



Though she was pushing 50 at the time, Paulette Goddard still looked quite fetching in harem duds in the independently produced comedy Babes in Bagdad. On the other hand, Goddard's leading man, 57-year-old John Boles, not only looked his age but acted it. Even the youngest of the three leads, Gypsy Rose Lee, was far too mature for the childish proceedings at hand. The plot finds Arabian Nights princess Kyra (Goddard) demanding equal rights for women, much to the dismay of caliph Hassan (Boles). She is supported in her views by the caliph's godson, Ezar (Richard Ney), who nonetheless exhibits a chauvinistic streak by kidnapping Kyra at mid-film and spiriting her away to his tent. Meanwhile, the caliph sees the error of his polygamous ways and settles down with his favorite wife, Zohara (Gypsy Rose Lee). Even the staunchest auteurist defenders of director Edgar G. Ulmer are hard-pressed to justify his participation in this relentlessly silly effort.


Paulette Goddard as Kyra
Gypsy Rose Lee as Zohara
Richard Ney as Ezar
John Boles as Hassan
Thomas Gallagher as Sharkhan
Sebastian Cabot as Sinbad
MacDonald Parke as Caliph
Natalie Benesh as Zelika
Hugh Dempster as Omar
Peter Bathurst as Officer rest of cast listed alphabetically:
José Calvo as (Spanish version)
Maruja Coral
María del Amor
Laura Donoso
Rafael Durán as (Spanish version)
Luis Induni as (Spanish version)
Julia Lajos as (Spanish version)
Christopher Lee as Slave dealer
Carmen Mercader
Maruja Pagán
Rosa Palomar
Luis Pérez de León
Pilar Pérez Rivón
José Manuel Pinillos
Antonio Riquelme as (Spanish version)
Carmen Sevilla
Juana Soler (as Juana Solé)
Mari-Sol Trigo

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