Beauty and the Beast

Tag: Animation

Title: Beauty and the Beast
AKA: Beauty and the Beast
Year: 1992
Character: Monsieur Renard (voice)
Director: Timothy Forder
Screenplay: Paul Levinson, Nathalie Harrison
Country: UK
Genre: Animation
Studio: Bevanfield Films, Foxbridge Limited

Language: English



Monsieur Renard, an independently wealthy man in 17th century France, prepares to go into business with his cousin, a jeweller who has has lost much of his work after being robbed by a highwayman. Renard agrees to become business partners on the condition that Du Bois' youngest daughter, Beauty, marries him. While travelling, Monsieur Du Bois is again attacked by a highwayman and brought to a château to recover under the care of Madame Bombec. Du Bois picks a rose from the château's gardens which angers Du Bois' mysterious host, the Beast as each flower that is picked from the garden shortens the Beast's life by one day. The Beast agrees to let Du Bois go on the condition that he gives the Beast the thing he loves the most- his daughter Beauty; and so Beauty goes to stay at the château where she finds magic in the most unlikely of places.


Michael Hordern as Monsieur Du Bois (voice)
Christopher Lee as Monsieur Renard (voice)
Penelope Keith as Madame Bonbec (voice)
Kate O'Mara as Lucinda (voice)
Jason Connery as Beast (voice)
Kellie Bright as Beauty (voice)
Geoffrey Matthews as Monsieur Rodent (voice)
Susan Sheridan as Prunella (voice)

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