Who did Fu Manchu, see?

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Somebody would like to comment on:
Fu Manchu's" Castle and " Fu Manchu's" Blood?

I always had a certain resistance with oriental films. I thought that would attend only martial fights... the whole time. Anything against, but the times there is an exaggeration of this in the films. Here no there is anything of this.

The two films that I possess don't have subtitles, for this I cannot say that everything was very clear for me, I cannot say a lot.
There is a certain mixture: the people are shown with Mexican clothes and the music is also Mexican, as well as some words spoken in Spanish. The film happened in Brazil.
But, out this I liked a lot of seeing Mr. Lee as an exemplary Chinese. But the character Fu Manchu is little active.But Fu Manchu is imposing and powerful.


Isabel Cristina Forlin Alves

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Re: Who did Fu Manchu, see?

"Blood" is actually, in my opinion, a pretty good film. "Castle" is defintely the weakest of the previous Fu Manchu films although my copy of the film is from Blue Underground and it is an uncut version which is much better than the previous VHS edition which was pretty cut up and made it almost unbearable except for Mr. Lee's scenes. He potrayed the Asian crime lord as the way he should have been but throughout the series, Christopher Lee did not get as much time onscreen as he should have. I think the series, by Jess Franco, would have been much better if the director would have given Mr. Lee more screen time.


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