Where to purchase Jinnah DVD

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I've been searching and searching the net to find a DVD of Jinnah that will play in the U.S.A. I even checked vendors in Pakistan but it was not clear that they were the right format. I would really like to see CL in this movie, since he really feels strongly about it. Thanks, everyone.

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Re: Where to purchase Jinnah DVD

I can't help you regarding a Region 1 copy, but I am equally frustrated in trying to get hold of classic British films which are often only available as Region 1 imports! It is a pity that these artificial differences were created in the DVD market merely to protect the business interests of various companies.  In a way, it almost encourages illegal file sharing and copying.

The other issue with Region 1 imports is that the films were often cut/changed to suit the US market, so even if I had a Region 1 player, I would not be able to see the original UK version.


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