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Mr. Lee (or Sir Christopher),

First, I'd like to respectfully ask which form of address you prefer, Mr. Lee or Sir Christopher? And I'd also like to express my thanks for the many years of enjoyment I've gotten from your performances. I'd also like to wish you both a belated Happy Birthday and a Happy 50th Anniversary (although I'm not sure if that is belated or still impending).

I am gratified to read that you re-read the Tolkien novels annually, I also dearly love the Tolkien books and am very much looking forward to your reprisal of the role of Saruman in the Hobbit films.

I recently discovered that the entirety of the Harvard Classics library is available in electronic format, and in the public domain. I was intrigued by Dr. Eliot's proposal that the set could reasonably take the place of a liberal arts education for those who, in the early 20th century, did not have access to institutions of higher learning. I know that you are a very well-read gentleman, so I became somewhat curious as to whether or not the Harvard Classics had ever been on your reading list. I have already read some of the curriculum separately, but have decided to work through them in order, as Dr. Eliot intended, so I am currently thoroughly enjoying the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin from the first volume.

To the question I have for you specifically: What writers and literary works have been the most influential or compelling for you over the years?

Thanks for your kind attention, and best of luck with the shoot in New Zealand.

Respectfully yours,

Richard A

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