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I was just wondering which period of History you found the most intersting, as you have played many diverse characters spanning thousands of years. I was curious as I am currently studing an Archaeology/Geography degree and my personal period/Area is the 10 - 16th Centuries, the period in which the Maya, Aztecs and Incas flourished in South America. I also have a passion for Greek Archaeology (my focus next yr) - e.g. Knossos and the Acropolis. Vicky

Dear Vicky,

I cannot pick a specific historical period as there are so many. Sumerian as the virtual birth of our known civilisation. Chinese and Egyptian of course. Greek and Roman. All for the various and multiple reasons with which we are already familiar. The Art of War and culture from China: the architecture and polytechnic beliefs of Egypt. Greece for it's superb building, sculpture and philosophy. Rome for Rule of Law. But there are so many others. The extraordinary discipline and discovery of the Mongol Empire. The architecture of the mysterious Mayas and their brilliance and Astronomy. Similarly, with the Incas and Aztecs. All the great Empires. And last, but certainly not least, the British Empire, much of which I vividly remember during my lifetime. I think I would have enjoyed living in Renaissance Italy - the greatest flowering of the Arts in History. The again, there is Elizabethan England for it's great spirit of high adventure and discovery, the lives of the supreme artists in every sphere: and of course Georgian or Regency Britain for the elegance and the great scientific discoveries made.

The only drawback would have been that life expectancy through those centuries was very short. I find I have left out the Viking period. They not only ruled England but discovered Iceland, Greenland and of course Vineland (Newfoundland). The North American Continent was certainly discovered by Leif Ericsson, son of Erik the Red who discovered Greenland. And there is the time of Joshuah Bar Joseph, better known as Jesus the Christ. Christ was not his name: it comes from the Greek word Christos, which means The Anointed One. I suppose the easiest answer would be that that I would like to have lived through all these historical times. And perhaps greatest of all, to have seen and heard Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and the other giants performing their own works.

Warm regards,

Christopher Lee


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