Carlomagno en Sanremo 2011

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INformación que he domorado en colocar:

Una adaptación del " El veredicto sangriento de Verden" de Christopher Lee del álbum de Carlomagno se ha elegido como la música para el festival 2011 de Sanremo.

Charlemagne at Sanremo 2011
Posted on 09. Feb, 2011 by Admin
An adaptation from "The Bloody Verdict of Verden" from Christopher Lee's album "Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross" has been chosen as the theme music for the 2011 Sanremo Festival – one of the oldest and most prestigious song contests in the world. It is the first time that metal music gets featured at the festival. The composer of Charlemagne, Marco Sabiu, for the second year running is conducting the orchestra stirring a TV revolution (the festival is internationally televised). He can be seen in the video smashing a violin and will have, once again, the orchestra on fire.
Sir Christopher commented "When I met the maestro, I was expecting a dignified middle age man. Instead, I saw this small, mad Italian with crazy hair and thought. - My God, what have I got miself into?' As it happens, he turned out to be charming and really helpful to me"

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