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All my life I have been fascinated with movies, but few actors/actresses actually grab my attention enough to watch films specifically for them. However, this is not the case with Mr. Lee. Growing up I've watched anything I could find with him appearing in it; even as a guestshot. What I've always admired about him (and his characters) is that no matter how angry or irritated his characters got they always gave the impression of "calm under fire". It is due to him and his presence that I've lived my life in that same way. It has taught me patience above all else.
One of my dreams has been to see him act live in a play or some such, but unfortunately I have had neither the means nor opportunity available to me. I'm a huge horror fan, but became an even bigger Christopher Lee fan thoughout the years. Thoughout all his works I've had the pleasure of witnessing, he takes each and every role to heart. He literally becomes the character he portrays and becomes them.
I laugh when I think about it but I didn't think I'd ever see him playing a part in a heavy metal band's song. Once again, even for just the spoken lines his presence; I feel, was overdominating the band itself (LOL).
I could go on forever and ever about his many works and about how much I admire him. But the greatest praise I have for him is the fact that I have had the great fortune of living in the same time period of in my opinion one of the greatest icons of our time.
At this time I cannot think of any other way to express my admiration for him and his great many works except by saying this... Simply AWESOME!
I truly thank you for all the wonderful characters you've brought to life over the years and the ones yet to come. Most of all, I thank you for being "you".

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Will There Be More Audio Books !!

I'm a Lifelong Admirer Of Mr Lee, He's Blessed With As We All Know, A Fantastic Towering Screen Presence, and The Voice !! What More Can Be Said !! Be It Count Dracula, A Bond Baddie, Lotr, Star Wars, and Many Many More, The Voice Is Simply Incredible, I've Always Had A Fascination With The Human Voice, Be It Singing Or None Singing, Male or Female, Voices Like - Sean Connery, Richard Burton, John Wayne, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, KIrk Douglas, Elvis Presley, David Niven, Cher,Diana Rigg,Lulu, Joanna Lumley, Freddie Mercury, Pavarotti, Bryan Adams, Tom Baker, Michael Caine, Roger Moore, anthony hopkins, and Of Course Christopher Lee, To See And Hear These Performers In There Own Particular Arena, Is Of Course Fantastic, Michael Caine's Audio Biography Runs For Over 11 Hours ( Unabridged ) it Would Really Be Something To Hear Mr Lee Read His Own Biography Lord Of Misrule, His Voice Is As Clear And Strong As Ever, Plus Being An Audio Biography He Could Update The Text From Time To Time With His New Works, Life And Travels Etc, I've Heard Mr Lee Read, Horror,Adventure,Fantasy,Thrillers,who-Done-It's, and Even Other Peoples Biography - Mario Lanza, So Please Please Please Mr Lee, How About Reading Lord Of Misrule ( Unabridged ) Could I Tick It Off My Christmas List For 2012 !! I wish You Much Continued Happiness, Health, and Success,

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Welcome to CLW.

Welcome to CLW.

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thank you !!

hi, and thanks for your short reply, i'd be interested to hear more from you !! do you think mr lee reading his - lord of misrule, would be a good idea !! i look forward to hearing from you, kind regards Hammertime.

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Hello there
I have read Lord of Misrule, its a fantasitc book actually I have read it twice! I would strongly recommend it!
I am big fan of Mr. Lee and his work. I have seen many of his films. My favourite film has to be The devil rides out. Hope to hear from other fans soon !


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