Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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This animated movie from Lucasfilm Animation was released in 2008. Although I've had the DVD for some years, only recently I've bought the Blu-ray of this movie and decided to open this topic since there wasn't one yet.

First of all, I must warn those who haven't watched it (but are planning to), that this movie is supposed to be seen as a pilot to the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' TV series, which is already on its 4th season (and it's a pretty good series, by the way). It's not a standalone tale that can be placed alongside the movies. You must watch the TV series aswell to fully understand its overall plot and place in the Star Wars saga. With that said, I think it's not a bad movie. It's a good pilot for a surprisingly excellent TV series. We most take into account that it was made for TV with TV budget. And in my opinion, they've made a remarkable job since we don't see this type of quality on TV (until now, that is), specially regarding animation. To me, Christopher Lee's voice for Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus is one of the best thing this movie offered. His presence steals the scenes and the movie is worth watching for his performance alone. His character is greatly developed on the TV series, but unfortunately Christopher Lee does not reprise his role there (it's still worth watching, though). What are your thoughts on the movie (and the series)? And are there any interviews with Christopher Lee about this work?



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