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May be I shoud explain, Yes as far as I know I have won a prize in the competition.
And I know how some of you felt about this, I have been a member of this site for less then a year, and I do know what you mean by it not fair that I should get a prize, I was very close to writing to Juan and telling him that I never wanted the prize, but you see I did want it, so I couldn't sent it.

I never thought that this would happen on the site, all this bad feeling, to me this site was part of my family.
I never meant to upset people on site, but all I did was to win.

I do hope that we can all get together and forgive every one,
I would like to see this site running as before, no bitter ness.
Its has taken me all this time to write this, I couldn't put it down before, I was taken very bad after this, but now I have let it pass, as I hope you all have, I would like to be friends again.

Once again I'm sorry this sould of been said a long time ago.


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The contest is over. Your one of the winners there is no reason for you to feel the need to apologize for winning.

Who knows in what place any one of us would have ended up at the end of the contest.

I hope you, Star, Jurious, Colin and Matt all have a grand time in March.


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Good on you, star.

Don't feel bad......enjoy your prize!


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Star, Please don't feel reason to.

You go and get your prize and have a wonderful time doing so.


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