more on his best leading lady

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who is this actress an what has she done?i don't know c.lee's movies that well i have a lot of his movie to see as of yet. i have seen only 53 of his films.cuz since u say she's that good i will have to look up an see what's she done. so i never heard of her.but i don't know horror actress that well.

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Veronica Carleson (spelling?) starred with Christopher Lee in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE. There was once a website called Hammer Glamour. If it is still around, it may give you some information on her.

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The web site Wendy mentioned in still around and was quite interesting to visit. Thanks Wendy.

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Veronica what a beautiful woman and still is. I have a picture of her drawing a picture of Christopher Lee between shots of Risen from the grave. I like behind the scene pictures like that. I believ a magazine a few years back was selling some of her drawings. She was good in Frankenstien must be destroyed. Peter Cushing has a scene where he forces himself on her. The first time i saw it ..I was like ..Ah isnt this Peter Cushing ??she was alos in horror of Frankenstien. IM not sure what other Hammer movies she did

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There is a BBC documentary entitled "Flesh and Blood" recounting the history of Hammer Studios wherein Veronica Carlson details that particular scene from FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED. She, Peter Cushing and director Terence Fisher were all very much against shooting it, but did so at the insistence of the studio. Carlson reported that our beloved Peter Cushing apologized repeatedly to her before and after the scene was photographed.

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