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Attention all Christopher Lee fans

I truly believe that this man is perhaps one of the greatest actors of this generation, with holding the record with the most film appearances

he has played heros villians, he has truly done everything possible.

I believe that Sir Chris should be given an Honoary Academy Award for his life contribution to film and television, I could not think of anyone else that should be given the award and I also believe that he should be given one soon rather than later

I am wondering if there were enough people helping to drive this campaign perhaps someone would take notice of this,

So I ask all of you, fans to help this campaign in order to acknowledge, in my opinion the greatest living actor of today

Thank You

Philip from Ireland.

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Honorary Award

I agree with you, man. Sir Chris Lee deserves to be recognized by Academy Awards. 

Simply, he is the greatest living actor od today, as you wrote. 

But  all we know that the most important for Academy Awards is pleasing to the people, awarding silly and non-talented people, instead of doing to not talented people as Lee. 

Anyway, I will join to your campaign.


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