Christopher Lee vs Richard Burton: Would Lee have been a better O'Brien in the movie version of 1984?

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For  a very long time 1984, one of the greatest dystopic/political novels in history, has been my favorite book to read.  My favorite character in the book is the dark and shadowy figure of O'Brien. The torture he puts Winston Smith through ( and the callous look on O'Brien's) are scenes that will remain with me for the rest of my life. However, when I saw the movie based on the book ( which was intentionally released in theaters in 1984), I noticed that it was Richard Burton who took the role of O'Brien. My question : Would Christopher Lee have been a better O'Brien? (And just because its the Christopher Lee Web Forum doesn't mean you have to be biased. I'm looking for honest opinions, so please state reasons for why you think Lee would or would not be a better O'Brien than Richard Burton.)


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