AMC and Horror film offerings

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I agree with you, Elba! AMC used to feature great, and obscure but interesting gothic horror films around Halloween. Even Sci Fi Channel let me down this year. I enjoyed the year they featured Bela Lugosi jr and Sara Karloff talking about their parents. I wish they'd play those again.:disgust:

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Yes! I remember when Sara Karloff B.Lugosi Jr. spoke about their parents. It was great to know who were the people behind the characters. I also saw BIOGRAPHY about two nights ago on Vincent Price. What a wonderful person he was. They say he was so easy to come up to and he would actually go up to people in restaurants and strike up a conversation. He has an Art Gallery as well. His daughter, Victoria Price looks a bit like him and she said he was a great father. The late Mr. Price was another fantastic icon !:stareup:

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last year Amc was awesome . Movies were on all month long it was fantastic. This year I was very disappointed with AMC and all the other channels. A few years ago Christopher Lee hosted Cinemax playing of Dracula movies it was great I have it on tape some where.. or it was TNT?? I forget I havent seen it in a while.
I remember a few years back there was a full week of Biographys of Boris, Bela, Lon Jnr. and Vincent . I wish that was on this year that was what halloween should be. Watching monster movies or shows about monsters all month long . The ultimate Halloween movie to watch this year....Sleepy Hollow. the ultimate Halloween film and come to think of it..a certain English actor appears in it....

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