Actor Richard Harris dies at age 72

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Actor Richard Harris dies at age 72
Irish actor Richard Harris, the roistering star of screen gems such as "A Man Called Horse" and "This Sporting Life" and, later, the wise old Professor Dumbledore in two Harry Potter movies, died Friday night at a London hospital. He was 72. "With great sadness, Damian, Jared and Jamie Harris announced the death of their beloved father, Richard Harris," his family said. "He died peacefully at University College Hospital," where he was receiving treatment for Hodgkin's Disease after falling ill earlier this year.

He will be missed.

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This is terrible, heartbreaking news. Mr. Harris was one of the most distinguished actors of the second half of the 20th century. From Camelot to Gladiator he left a body of work that will be loved and cherished for as long as films are seen.

Tonight I'm watching Cromwell and saying goodbye to an old friend.

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My family and myself are saddened at his death as well. A tremendous actor and like Mr. Lee and incredible story teller. I know if I was doing something and someone told me he was on a talk show I would drop whatever it was I was doing in order to hear him regale stories of Peter O'Toole and himself. Just last sunday I watched him in the movie The Count Of Monte Cristo. I'm truly going to miss him. Sad

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Another screen great passes . Richard Harris leaves a fine body of work behind him.......too much to into great detail but I must mention my favourites . He starred in three great 70s action / popcorn movies......The Cassandra Crossing , Juggernaut and The Wild Geese . Neither of these are great art but they are extremely enjoyable films .
He also costarred one of the finest westerns ever made , Clint Eastwoods Unforgiven .
Lets not forget he was also one of the last of screen hellraisers.........a terrific actor and a real character .

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This is sad news for me. I have been a bit out of touch with the news lately and I am hearing this for the first time.

I loved Richard Harris

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Richard Harris, like Christopher Lee, was a screen legend. I loved his voice, his style, his sense of humor. His eyes always captured my attention, oddly enough. My favorite? "Camelot" was the film that I still remember with fondness. Every time I see it, I see something new and different and I am singing the tunes for days. I will miss him.


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Strange. I was never that terribly keen on Harris, although I happened to see him do CAMELOT in LA, when he took over for the ailing Richard Burton.

A couple years ago, I was killing time in London, being expected at Christopher Lee's home at a certain hour, and not wanting to show up early. (When someone says, "2pm," you don't show up at one, not matter how eager you are.)

I went around the corner to a pub and plunked my butt down in a hardwood chair with a half pint. A couple minutes later, in walks Richard Harris. He saddles up to the bar, his mates gather around, and they all commence to serious drinking.

I steeled myself, walked over and said hi, saying that I'd seen him in Camelot, that I was a big fan, etc. Harris nodded and said, "Oh. Thanks."

That was that.

Frankly, it's a wonder his liver lasted as long as it did.

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