What are your top 10 and why?

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This list is based mainly on his character and performance only.

1. Jinnah. This is by far the best performance he has given as an actor and probably it will remain that way. A leading part with a great responsibility and completed under extreme pressure, hardship and real death threats. Rejected by all newspapers and Pakistanis for being foreign and for having played Dracula over 30 years ago. After the film was shown to packed houses in Pakistan, people in the street treated him with the same respect as they did with the real Jinnah. All newspapers gave the film and his performance wonderful reviews and the production put him forward for a leading actor Oscar. Unfortunately, the film has not been released to this day. I think that Jinnah was perfect for him because he portrays a man or dignity, morals integrity and one which devoted his whole life to one purpose.

2. Attack of the Clones. Regardless of the common public dislike of geniuses (Bill Gates), Attack of the Clones grossed to date $648.3 million worldwide. It introduced ground breaking technology and was shot entirely digitally. Christopher Lee's performance in this film is credible, menacing and arguably the best given by any member of the cast. His fight with Yoda has won his 2 awards this year. Figures show that Count Dooku is Christopher Lee's most popular character to date and has introduced him to the largest fan base in the world as well as to the younger generations. There is an expression in Mr Lee's repertoire, and I've seen it enough times to know the exact meaning, which makes me believe that he is not entirely a villain. It's not like if he has killed the innocent and defenceless, we shall see what happens in EpIII. If we talking cool, for a 80 year old man to do what he did, this is one of his coolest roles.

3. Crimson Rivers 2. This film will not be released until 2004, so I have seen hardly anything from it. However, I was at the set four weeks ago and from what I saw there I can predict that his character will be a big success. As the nemesis of both Jean Reno and Benoît Magimel with a script written by Luc Besson , this is the most expensive film that France has produced this year.

One of the scenes I manage to catch a glimpse of, alone tell me that his character, (Emerich) whose identity is surrounded by mystery, the bruises and bandage on the co-stars as well as the chaos he was causing, is enough for me to take a gamble and rate it higher than The Wicker Man.

4. The Wicker Man. I can't say anything about this film that hasn't been said already. A classic masterpiece.

5. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Directed by the best director that Mr Lee has ever worked with. This film without doubt changed his career entirely, if it wasn't for this part, he most probably would have retired 25 years ago while still appearing in B- Movies. Mr Lee performed and that opened up his range.

6. The Man with the Golden Gun. Mr Lee nearly always plays intelligent and elegant villains. Scaramaga is a great and very unique character.

7. A Feast at Midnight. A very much underrated film but great fun. His character, Major Longfellow is the closest to Mr Lee's real life personality. Hard on the outside but with a heart of gold. Don't bother him and he won't bother you.

8. The Musketeers. I'm resuming all three films into one. In perhaps the best cast ever put together in a single film, Christopher Lee is no slouch as Rocheford and plays his part to almost perfection. Some of the best sword fights seen on screen.

9. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. These are the most successful films he has been in to date. His small, yet important contribution will always be a memorable one as the evil Saruman but my opinion is that his part is too small to make any real impact. There is nothing new is Saruman as a villain that has not been seen before, I feel that he is wasted. This is supposed to be a powerful and wise wizard but he is no where as intelligent as any of his other villains. Fancy sending almost an entire army to kill a few mortals and then leave his fortress open to attack to a few trees with stones. To me the character is not believable enough, more like a fairy tale baddie and one which instead of hating, I actually feel sorry for. On the other hand, I feel like taking Legolas unlimited supply of arrows and putting them down somewhere. But this is just my personal opinion and I doubt there is a single person that will agree.

10. The Return of Captain Invincible. A terrible film but his singing and comical performance as Mr. Evil Midnight makes it one of my favourites. I never get tired of hearing "Name Your Poisson" in every version.

There are many other good performances but for me these are the ones that I won't mind watching over and over again. Everyone here has their favourites, a lot of you would probably rate Dracula in your top 10. The reason I don't and I have probably watched almost everyone of his films many times over, is that they were seen in the wrong order. I would not compare characters nor will be having a particular one in my head when watching a film, so if I watch Attack of the Clones now and then Crimson Rivers 2, I will not be looking for similarities.

There are at least 3 more big films coming up in the next couple of years, none will surpass Jinnah because a performance like that only happens once but the others could move positions.

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I've based the list as Juan suggested on character and performance . This means that the films mentioned may or me not be my personal favourites but I'm sure everyone can guess .

1 . Jinnah ......... For every reason Juan gave . If the subject matter had been more " user friendly " this would surely have gained him an Oscar nomination .

2 . A Feast At Midnight ....... I've been lucky enough to meet Mr Lee twice now and I would'nt pretend to know him but I'd like to think there's a lot of him in this character ( the good parts that is ) It's a little gem of a film and Mr Lee is superb in the lead role .

3 . Dracula ....... Regardless of the sequels ( good bad or indifferent ) Mr Lee created the benchmark for future portrayals . A few have tried ( Oldman , Palance ect .) but none have succeeded . He simply dominates the film , even when he's off screen .

4 . The Wicker Man ....... A terrific film and another great performance . Lord Summerisle is a truly fascinating character and I don't think anyone else could have played the part with as much ambiguity as Christopher Lee ....... a real classic .

5 . To The Devil A Daughter ....... One of the most chilling portrayals ever put on screen . Mr Lee's Father Michael perfectly conveys the subtetly and menace of evil . One can almost understand why people follow him and his teachings .

6 . The Man With The Golden Gun ...... Easily the best Bond villain . As portrayed by Mr Lee , Scaramanga seems deadlier than Bond .

7 . The Mummy ....... I know it's a mainly silent performance but it's utterly brilliant . Mr Lees use of mime and expression manage to convey the kind of emotions lesser actors dream off with pages of dialogue .

8 . Rasputin ......... A truly mesmerizing performane this time .Christopher Lee seems born to the part and his energy and enthusiasm for the role shine in every scene .

9 . Lord Of The Rings ...... I'd read the books in school and could'nt imagine a better actor than Christopher Lee as Saruman . A terrific blend of authority and menace .

10 . The Devil Rides Out ... The Duc De Richleau as played by Christopher Lee comes to life in a way the novel never dreamed . You feel totally secure when he's on screen knowing that he can handle anything the forces off darkness throw at him .One of his best " heroic " roles .

Well that's my pennies worth . I'm sure I've missed out loads and even more will spring to mind as soon as I've posted this reply . Suffice to say that these were the 10 that instantly sprung to mind and I'm a great believer in going with you're instincts .


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1. Jinnah. Because it was very well made and Mr. lee was not put off by the press or the people, he went there to prove he could do more then just horror. And in doing so he got the respect of the Pakistan people.

2. Attack of the clones. Is my next choice, it was well made and Mr. Lee had a good part and he played it well.

3. The Return Of Captain Invicible. I love this film, and I watch it over and over again, never get tired of watching it.
I forget how many times I have watched it now but it always makes me smile, it cheers me up when I down.

4. The wicker Man. Very good film, lots of wonderful acting, the first time I saw it I never expected that ending.

5. The Devil rides out. One of the first films that I saw where Mr. Lee was the good guy, and I was so please he never died in the end.

6. A feast At Midnight. Another great film, I love watching Mr. Lee do comedy, I think he should of done more.
The part in the kitchen was the best.

7. Lord Of The Rings. I know a lot of people didn't like this film but I loved it, the power of Saruman, as played by Mr. Lee was awesome.

8. Dracula. All of them, they was the films they got me hooked on Mr. Lee, I couldn't leave them out, they was the good old days, for me. some very happy times I had watching them.

9. Horror Express. another great film, with some very good co stars. the way Mr. Lee and Mr. Cushing worked together in this film was brilliant.

10. The Musketeers. all of them are great the action and sword fights was very well put together.

I also know I have forgot some very good films, I couldn't think of them at the time I was doing this, I don't think there are many films that Mr. Lee made that I didn't like, and I'm sure the next one I watch would go onto this list.
There is a couple more I would like to add, these being 'The Many Faces Of Mr.Lee', and 'The Making Of A Legend'. I know they are not ture films, but they well worth the mention.


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Juan's list is great. Since Crimson is yet to appear, I would substitute Mr. Lee's superb performance as Sherlock Holmes in the two 1991/92 mini-series he did (Incident at Victoria Falls and Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady.) When I was working at the Boston ABC affiliate at the time, we premiered these for the late-night movie show. Of all his performances, he gets to use his dry wit most in these films (in my opinion).


John Farrell


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I can

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1 JINNAH: One word. Marvelous. He proved people wrong. He can play the part.

2 THE WICKER MAN: A great classic and Mr Lee playes Lord Summerisle with dignity and convinces you to believe him.

3 THE LORD OF THE RINGS: I can truly understand why Mr Lee reads the books every year. The books are beyond words. The two first films are magic. Mr Lee has brought the character out of the books and made him alive. Just the way Tolkien wanted him to be.

4 MIO IN THE LAND OF FAR AWAY: Since I am Swedish I of course was brought up on Astrid Lindgrens books and films. This one is no exception. Mr Lee was stuck in my mind for ever after seeing this. He brought Cato to life as he is portrayed in the book.

5 SERIAL: Even on the motorbike he is just brilliant. Hearing him saying lines like: "We are tough dudes hillroy" is worth seeing it.

6 A FEAST AT MIDNIGHT: Mr Lee as Raptor is a character to be mad at but also to be liked. After seeing this film you realice teachers are humans also.

7 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN: He is sexy, charmy, mysterious, kind. The perfect villian and the perfect actor to play him.

8 ATTACK OF THE CLONES: I love Star Wars. Mr Lee handles the lightsaber with great skill. I was delighted to know that he would be using a lightsaber.

9 GORMENGHAST: A wonderful tv series. Here you see acting
of high class.

10: SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN: Why? WHY? WHY?. Why was this awful film ever made. A waist of great actors. Peter, Vincent and Mr Lee is the only good thing here. The rest. Crap.

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Basically, I agree with this list although I won't rate 'Attack of the Clones' so high. But that's entirely personal!

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Okay, here's my Top 10:

1) Dracula -- The entire series. No one in cinema history has created a character as powerful. It's simply the ultimate screen characterization. An icon.

2) The Wicker Man -- The perfect part for the perfect performer, in one of the greatest movies ever made.

3) The Man with the Golden Gun -- The greatest villain in the Bond series, period. More than merely a representation of evil or greed or both, Scaramanga is a completely believeable, very human character. Unforgettable.

4) The Musketeers Trilogy -- I just got the new DVD set last week, so I've been watching the films quite a bit. Mr. Lee's Rochefort is utterly brilliant...sophisticated, sexy and remarkably FUNNY. I'd forgotten how many absolutely hilarious lines Mr. Lee got to deliver in these wonderful films. My favorite: "Why bother...I may die of old age!"

5) AOTC -- 'Nuf said, I think we all agree Lord Tyranus stands among Mr. Lee's all-time greatest roles.

6) To the Devil a Daughter -- I'm not fond of the film, but Mr. Lee's Father Michael is truly one of the most terrifying characters ever put on film. A shining light in what is otherwise a bleak, uninspired work.

7) Serial -- Mr. Lee once more demonstrating his surprising gift for comedy. Must-see!

Cool The Face of Fu Manchu -- One of the very rare examples of a white man cast in a non-white role that not only works, but works so perfectly that the audience becomes quite unaware of the deception.

9) A Feast at Midnight -- I saw this film only once and not from the start, but what I caught was just superb. Very memorable, and I hope to see it in its entirety one day soon.

10) Rasputin -- I'm not immensely fond of the film, but Mr. Lee's portrayal of the Mad Monk is sheer genius. Another character Mr. Lee was born to play, and he plays it to the hilt, truly larger than life. A pity the film itself is so small by comparison.

There are many, many other roles I could include in a faves list, but we were to keep this to ten. Oh, and I'm afraid I've never had the pleasure of seeing Jinnah, so can't comment.

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1) The Wicker Man - This is my favorite of Mr. Lee's performances. He's just magnificent, and I love that he gets to sing, too Smile

2) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Every scene with Mr. Lee as Saruman makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Perfect, perfect casting.

3) Rasputin - An amazing tour-de-force performance. His best Hammer role by far.

4) Horror of Dracula - I think this movie contains one of the most frightening moments in any of Mr. Lee's movies: when Dracula suddenly turns into an unstoppable beast throwing people around, it's such a contrast to his earlier scenes as a polite and civilized nobleman that my jaw dropped.

5) Talos the Mummy/Tale of the Mummy - OK, the film is pretty awful, but Mr. Lee's performance as an archaeologist in the prologue is absolutely wonderful. Too bad the rest of the movie was such a mess.

6) Star Wars episode II: Attack of the Clones - I think Mr. Lee did an incredible job here, always leaving his character's motives in the dark, and really succeeding in making the audience wonder which side he was on. He even made George Lucas' dialogue seem natural. Outstanding stuff.

7) The Three Musketeers/The Four Musketeers - Again, he plays a character who would have been easy to play as pure evil, but instead Mr. Lee manages to give such a nuanced performance that it makes you sympathize for him.

Cool To the Devil a Daughter - A truly chilling performance.

9) The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes - Although Mr. Lee doesn't have much screen time, he upstages everyone when on-screen, even though he doesn't overdo his performance in any way. Again, wonderful.

10) Ivanhoe (Miniseries) - I just watched this excellent miniseries, and I must say thay Mr. Lee was INCREDIBLE as the fanatical Grand Master of the Templar Knights. He didn't go over the top, as would be tempting for many actors, but instead played the role with complete credibility, making it all the more scary. Also, he delivers the funniest line in the whole miniseries ("Make a note that the witch claims that eating live animals is not a crime") in a dead serious voice.

I've not seen Jinnah or A Feast at Midnight.


My DVD collection: http://www.invelos.com/dvdcollection.aspx/Behemot

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My top 10 have changed a bit from time to time. This is my current top 10 in no paticular order

Anybody who has been fortunate to seeing this knows why.

The Wickerman
A classic/cult film for all the right reasons.

Lord of the Rings
This part was written for Mr. Lee

The Mummy
Acting under extreme difficulties.

Attack Of The Clones
He is so cool as Dooku

The Musketeers
Mr. Lee at his swashbuckling best.

Because he was the best, and will never be bettered.

Curse Of Frankenstien
Again, because of the extreme difficulties involved.

The Return Of Captain Invincible
Only going off a snippet of this film, Mr. Lee looks great 'singing and dancing'

Gormenghast, A Feast At Midnight, Sherlock Holmes And The Leading Lady, House Of Long Shadows, To The Devil A Daughter, The Creeping Flesh, I, Monster, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The Oblong Box, The Devil Rides Out, The Gorgon, Fu Manchu series, She, The Skull, The Hound Of The Baskervilles.
I was undecided about the tenth.Laughing out loud

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Top ten? Argh! I'm just gonna go with my ultimate faves:

Attack of the Clones - a wonderfully ambiguous role for Mr. Lee to play which he pulled off to perfection, and, I think overall, a fantastical & imaginitive film filled with the ultimate in intergalactic political conspiracies. :rolleyes:

The Three & Four Musketeers - besides these films being the ones which I can first consciously recall seeing Mr. Lee in (though I didn't know who he was then...), I just think these two films are fantastic for entertainment, with a great cast and story! And Rochefort is just so suave and cool, you've gotta like him!

A Feast at Midnight - Just pure lighthearted entertainment. A wonderful little film.

Jinnah - Even though I think it has its flaws, being pretty difficult to follow IMO, Mr. Lee's performance is astounding, and the film does educate you in an area of history that's often left in the shades - I never knew anything about the formation of Pakistan until i watched this!

Lord of the Rings - Although 'Two Towers' wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be (c'mon, we got all the way passed returning to Orthanc in the book by the time of 'Return of the King'!) these films have made cinema history, being all filmed in a row, and have been made with the ultimate in skill and dedication. Perhaps overly long, but they did well to get as much of the story into the films as they have. 'Fellowship' is better for Mr. Lee's performance, I think, when you see in his eyes that he's going to betray Gandalf at Orthanc, and all the welcoming facade drop away. Great films, but when you have Tolkien's books as the films' foundations, then what do you expect? Amazing stuff.


There is an expression in Mr Lee's repertoire, and I've seen it enough times to know the exact meaning, which makes me believe that he is not entirely a villain. It's not like if he has killed the innocent and defenceless, we shall see what happens in EpIII. If we talking cool, for a 80 year old man to do what he did, this is one of his coolest roles.

Just coming back to this (call me sad...) but I've been writing an essay trying to determine the nature of Count Dooku and his allegiances in the film. As soon as I get it all typed up and make sure that it reads all right, I'll probably share it with you all. Smile Not that I got a definite answer in my conclusion, mind you, but hearing Mr. lee call Dooku 'amoral' really helped me get it done, and made it more interesting.

That's it for now. Smile



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1. In no particualr order

1.Dracula no one has ever even come close. Sad it cant be mentioned more because of a few bad apples but his performance especially early in the cycle is very powerful. Im 35 and i will never forget the first time i saw his face in the library scene . No special effects just acting. Brilliant
2. the Mummy under make up Christopher says more with his eyes and body movemants than any other actor to play any monster before or since. He proves it takes talent to where a costume and make up
3. Rasputin. Amazing acting he blew me aaway it was so powerful a performance
4. The Wicker Man A great part for him to play written for him to boot
5.Devil Rides Out. I would have loved to have seen him play this charactor more . A great strong powerful hero One of his best parts for Hammer
6.I Monster. Acting in a horror film is not ever supposed to be this good. This is another reason why thousands of horror fans fell in love with his work and started to see everything he was in
7.AOTC Strongest part in the movie and best part of the whole film. No one in cinema plays a villian like Christopher Lee and now hes a Star Wars villian. another great role to add to the always growing list of great charactors. I saw it 4 times because of Count Dooku period. I bought tons of Star Wars merchandise because of him.. period. I will see the next film because of him period.
8 The Muskateers eye patch and sword fighting ...a real cool role
9.Curse of Frankenstein again raising the bar on how to play a monsater you can not just grab someone of the street you need to act under the make up with your eyes and body movemants
10.LOTR Saruman gets some cool dialouge and close ups in a hugely popularr film. Another film to introduce him to a new generation of fans

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It's all right, but here is my Top Ten:
1. Dracula - He was the best character as Dracula. This was my first Film with Christopher Lee, which I saw it. I was eleven years old.
2. The Man with the Golden Gun - a greatest villian - unforgettable.
3. The Musketears - Trilogy - Mr. Lee as Rochefort was a brilliant character
4. Dracula a.d. 1972 - Dracula in the modern world - was great.
5. To the Devil a Daughter - great!
6. The Wicker man - was great, wonderful character for him
7. The Curse of Frankenstein - This was my second Film, that I saw with Mr. Lee - great make up.
8. The Face of Fu Man Chu - great character
9. Theatre of Death - was a wonderful film
10. Lord of the Rings - the greatest character for him.

(Sorry, if my grammar is not good. English is a foreign language for me.)

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The Curse of Frankenstein - This was my second Film, that I saw with Mr. Lee - great make up.

WOW!! You actually saw it with Mr Lee? That must have been an amazing experience.




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Here goes:
1-The Wicker Man - obviously a film and performance that stand above most others.
2-Lord of the Rings films - outstanding.
3-Gormenghast - although I'm not a fan of fantasy literature or films one would never know it from my choices so far. The performances in Gormenghast were all. . . lovingly done for the world in which the film took place.
4-Curse of Frankenstein - had the performances been sub-par then it would have been little more than campy. That was, thankfully, never the case.
5-Horror Express - a different role in the horror genre for Mr. Lee and an overall enjoyable film.
6-Devil Rides Out - finally, the role of a hero.
7-Gremlins 2 - finally, I get to see a film in which Mr. Lee is allowed to be funny.
8-The Man with the Golden Gun - the only James Bond film I have seen or will ever see. And I even bought it on DVD.
9-To the Devil a Daughter - just very good, quite simply.
10-Hammer's Dracula film series - if nothing else these were the first Christopher Lee movies I saw and made a huge (and terrifying) impression on my young little mind. Sleeping with the lights on for years. . . .
Obviously, I haven't seen Jinnah, A Feast at Midnight, or some of Mr. Lee's finest performances (according to everyone else here) so my list is confined somewhat.

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A further list for comment on..... not necessarily in order of preference.

1. Dracula - this terrified me when I first saw it as a teenager - but felt so much pity for the bad guy, I really wanted him to win the fight with Van Helsing !

2. The Wicker Man - Another terrific performance - again, made you want to sleep with the lights on - and not go for a walk on the cliffs (when younger lived in West Cornwall !)

3. The Man with the Golden Gun - A true genius - suave, sophisticated and deadly.

4. The Three Musketeers et al - A great film, with a wonderful cast - the action sequences and sword fights were brilliantly done, mostly without doubles.

5. Curse of Frankenstein - I saw this after reading his autobiography - and realised how much he went through for his art !

6. AOTC - Always a Star Wars fan - made even more so by Mr Lee being in the cast

7. Hammer - Sherlock Holmes - the good guy

8. LOTR - absolutely brilliant

9. Gormenghast - OK - TV but I loved it

10. Would love to see Jinnah, as I am sure it would be in anybody's top ten from all the other comments posted.

A list of 10 is not enough !!

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

My top 10:

1. Jinnah - was and will be the best movie of Mr. Lee. I cannot write it any better, because of lack of english words.
2. The Wicker Man - an interesting, charming and dark character of Lord Sumerisle was created here. And I like to hear Mr. Lee´s singing voice.
3. The Man With The Golden Gun - another well presented character - Francisco Scaramanga - charming gentleman and icy killer together.
4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogie - a great story, great project, great cast. The role of Saruman was like made for Mr. Lee.
5. Star Wars II. - Attack of the Clones - dark, intimidating, powerful - Count Dooku was in my oppinion one of the best performed figures in AotC.
6. The Devil Rides Out -
7. The Gorgon - it was very impressive character of Professor Meister I like in there.
8. Horror Express - the movie is fascinating, but the presence of Mr. Lee and HIS actor qualities make it more better.
9. Dracula movies (all) - I don´t know why, but I like Mr. Lee´s Dracula, HIS powerful screenpresence.
10. Captain Invicible - I have seen only a part of the movie, but Mr. Lee dancing and singing, it was incredible! Laughing out loud

(I apologize for my english again)

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

My top 10:

Dracula - Because Mr. Lee is the best Count Dracula of all time .

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave - Because when I was child, could not sleep after see Mr. Lee.

Scars of Dracula - Well, If you not see this film ...You know The Dark of Horror!

The Satanic Rites of Dracula - Another Extrordinarie and Brillant presence of CL!

Horror Express - With Sir Peter Cushing; both are Amazing acting perfomance.

House of the Long Shadows - Four Brillant horror and fanny Gentleman acting!!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Must won like Souporting Actor a Oscar for this career!

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones - Wow a Lord Sith!!; Mr Lee won with his Count Dookon / Lord Tyranhus performance!!!

Pope John Paul II - Amazing interpretation; Mr Lee must won a Grammy !

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Interesting and charming character, a rommantic Sir!

All the best,



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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

The Around of the Baskervilles (The Dog of Baskervilles) First film seen by me with Mr. Lee. Fascinating.

The skull - Second film that I saw with Mr. Lee.

The Whip and the Boddy - Amazing character of Mr. Lee as Kurt (special affection for this film)

Rasputin - Great, Big representation of Mr. Lee as the crazy monk. Unforgettable.

The Wicker Man - Great. Without discussion one of the best films with Mr. Lee. Wonderful Lord Summerisle.

The Man with the Golden Gun - A different character and very well acted by Mr. Lee. Sensual, beautiful... Scaramanga.

The Theater of the Death - In the character of Darvas Mr. Lee surprised once again.

Horror Express - It film very outstanding with a brilliant cast. Master to see united Mr. Lee and Mr. Cushing.

Star Wars (all) - Conde Dooku, great man... Beautiful besides everything.

Diagnossis Murde - Mr. Lee's character was very well in the doctor's caracter that she wanted to liberate of the wife... great surprise at the end...


Isabel Cristina Forlin Alves

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

O.k here goes though I like all of Mr Lee's films Here go my top faves
1. The Wickerman, this was one of the most interesting films I have ever seen very different.
2. Star Wars, I love the entire series. I monster, good take on Jeckyll and Hyde,
3. Whip and the Body wonderful performance by Mr Lee, the film itself is a bit disturbing because of the subject matter.
4.Lord of the Rings Loved the books and the adaptation was pretty good.
5. Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady, nice to see Mr Lee do Holmes and in a rather romantic role
6. the Bloody Judge, I am female 'nuf said.
7.Horror Express, Nifty film clostrophobic setting of the train works well and great performances by Mr Lee and Mr Cushing, as well as a wonderful totally over the top stinty by Telly Savalas.
8. Dracula, Mr Lee is a mesmerizing Dracula I cannot think of the character and not picture him.
9. The Mummy, Heart breaking performance mostly done without that magnificent voice.
10 The Skull, also a nifty film with Mr Cushing , .

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

I've split this in two lists: my favourite films that Christopher Lee appears in and my favourite Christopher Lee performances outside of these (perhaps a case where the performance is better than the film).

Favourite films
1. The Three Musketeers/The Four Musketeers
2. The Lord of the Rings
3. The Wicker Man
4. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
5. The Devil Rides Out
6. Dracula
7. Beat Girl
8. The Face of Fu Manchu
9. Gremlins 2: The New Batch
10. A Tale of Two Cities

Favourite performances
1. Jinnah
2. The Whip and the Body
3. The Man with the Golden Gun
4. Treasure Island
5. A Feast at Midnight
6. The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll
7. The Hands of Orlac
8. Serial
9. Death Train
10. Safari 3000

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

This was more difficult than I thought! Here goes:

1. Jinnah: best performance ever!!!
2. Horror of Dracula: his facial expression as he climbs the stairs and when he is awakened in his crypt.
3. Feat at midnight: The interplay between "the raptor" and the students is priceless.
4. Wicker Man: The entire storyline with twist ending and HE SINGS!
5. The Musketeers Trilogy: Richelieu(sp?) is wickedly funnny, and the swordplay is incredible.
6. The Mummy: No one could ever play this part better. Mr. Lee's mime skills are beautifully displayed in this movie.
7. Rasputin: Wow! He has the same hypnotic eyes and he is way too sexy in this role.
8. Gormenghast: Mr. Flay is Mr. lee's best character role.
9. Safari 3000: Mr. Lee is hilarious as the count. I love the interaction between the count and his sidekick Feodore. Plus, HE SINGS!
10. Return of Captain Invicible: HE SINGS!

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

I know this is an old question but I just joined and I feel I must reply to this great question.

1. The Wicker Man- Lee is GREAT as Lord Summerisle and I love to hear him sing! The ending is still chilling after all these years!

2. Horror of Dracula (Dracula)- Lee is the best Dracula and this (the 1st) is the best.

3. The Man With The Golden Gun - Lee is a fantastic Bond villian. "I always thought I liked animals then I found out I like killing people even more." Scary dude!

4. The Hound Of The Baskervilles - Wonderful version of A.C. Doyles story. Lee is great in a "normal" role as Sir Henry. He gets to romance a girl without biting her neck. Andre Morell is very good as Watson.

5. The Three (& Four) Musketeers- Another fantastic role for Mr. Lee and what a cast! Raquel Welch, Chuck Heston (sad to see him go), Faye Dunaway, Michael York, et al.

6. The Last Unicorn - It was a great book and Rankin/Bass made it into a fantastic film. Lee has a great voice (as u all well know) and so is perfect for this kind of animated tale. Love the songs, too!

7. The House That Dripped Blood - Chloe Franks steals the show from Lee in this one I'm afraid as his "devilish" little daughter.

8. Dracula Has Risen From The Grave - Love that staking scene! "You pray, your a priest! You pray! You pray!"

9. Jinnah - Should probably be higher, but... I like horror films. Still, one of mr. Lee's best performances, no doubt. He deserved an Oscar nomination!

10. Sherlock Holmes & The Deadly Necklace - I know, I think I'm the only person who likes this film and I know I'll be in the minority but... I think Mr. Lee is the best Holmes ever! I like the scene where he tells Watson not to trample over the footprints in the garden after a murder and adds , "Thats what the police are for."

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

Regretabbly I've never seen Jinnagh, or any of his performances as Drucula or Sherlock Holmes. I have seen his performances in LOTR and Star wars. I've seen his turn as Scaramanaga, his role in the House that Dripped Blood. and I might have seen the Last Unicorn at some point.
So here are muy top 5 or 6.
1.LOTR- the Fellowship... saruman was written for Lee, and he was the only meember of the cast to have met Tolkien. I absolutely loved the books..i read them every year repeatedly and the films were incredible. they earnned their place, alongside Star Wars(the original trilogy) The Bond films and the other great classics of film history
2. The Man with the Golden Gun
Scvarmanga was the best of the early Boond villians, if only Sean Connery was stil playing Bond then, then I would have had the pleasure of two of my favorite aactors going mano a mano. As it is, Roger Moore did a fine job, but when I first saw it , I was waiting for Mr. Lee to make his appearance. He did not disappoint. It is in some respects a campy role.. as pilloried by the Austin Powers films, he feeds Bond, tells him his plans, and allows him to finish eating, before dueling him. but Lee 's performance, regardless , was one of the highlights of the film..
3. Star Wars Attack of the Clones
his role as Count Dooku (a play on Drucula) was a highlght of the film. George lucas is not known for great dialouge in his films, and Hayden Christensen really underwhelms as Anakin. His voice is really whiny.. when its supposed to be full of anxiety, doubt, and growing menace. but Lee's performance was very good, as was Ewan macgregor's. His battle with Yoda was one iof the signature scenes in the film, and proved at 80 he still could be a commannding presence. When Mr. Lee passes, there will not be another like him.. one who can terrify and chill with even the most inane lines "cavaties on a stick..' anyone?
4. The House that Dripped blood
This is actually 3 films in one. mr lee appears in the Second film, as the father of a daughter who is peculiar(to be charitable). This was probably not one of his best roles.. but it was notable, because I saw it and its Christopher freaking Lee. Chloe Franks does have a good turn as his daughter, who eventually kills him by throwing a doll she made of him into the fireplace.lee is one of the best at death screams.
%. The last UNicorn
I don't honestly remember much of this film. I believe it had James Earl Jones as the voice of the bad guy.. or perhaps I'm thinking of another animated Rankin bass film they made a lot of them..
Sorry I can';t think of any more..

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Re: What are your top 10 and why?

1. The Wicker Man. This is a very powerful film and Mr Lee was absolutely superb! I liked his charcter in this particularly because it seemed to me Lord summerisle was not a proper villain in the true cinematic sense; he was much more complicated: his leading role in (SPOILER: sorry to anyone who's not yet seen it!) the policeman's death was so elaborate and so carefully planned that one could only imagine he was pure evil. Then we remember that the whole thing was orchestrated in the belief that it was the only way to save his people, whom he seems to genuinely love; so he commits these crimes (along with the other islanders) for (sort of) the right reasons. Really complicated character; only an acting genius could pull that off.

2. The Devil Rides Out. This film was very exciting and very scary but Mr Lee was so convincing as the heroic Duc I felt safe to watch it!

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I liked the Gene Wilder film till I read the original Roald Dahl book as a child and though the segments of the film with Mr Lee as Charlie's Dad were not taken from the book, I think Mr Dahl would approve. The final scene between Mr Lee and Johnny Depp almost seemed the point of the whole film. It was so touching and the relationship between the two characters ( a father and son who don't see eye to eye yet are finally reconciled after remembering their love for one another) was exceptionally realistic. Mr Lee wasn't just another villiain in this or the caricature of a disapproving Dad; he was a real human being and in a surrealist fantasy such as this I should imagine that was hard to pull off.

4. Gremlins 2. Mr Lee played the bad guy again but for real laughs and it was brilliant!

5. Lord of Misrule. Okay, it's not a film but never have I read a book so fast. It was interesting, exciting, moving and funny. Mr Lee can write just was well as he acts. My brother had a funny turn when I was reading it, incidentally. He happened to look up from his magazine and at first thought he saw Mr Lee reclining on our sofa staring at him. He looked again and realised it was me with my nose in this book!

6. The Lord of the Rings trilogies

7. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Both these were wonderful in their own right but I genuinely believe if another actor had been cast as Saruman and Dooku, despite neither being the largest roles, the films would have failed; especially THE LORD OF THE RINGS as I hear Mr Lee is quite an expert on the books and must have brought that to his role.

8. Any (or all) of the Dracula films. For me, out of the many actors who have portrayed this iconic master-villain, Mr Lee was the best. Bela Lugosi was good but he was a little too theatrical for my liking. The part probably called for it to a certain extent but I believe Mr Lee struck a nice balance in his portrayal; he was as theatrical as the character Dracula was himself but managed to show a real man as well. MArvellous.

9. The House that Dripped Blood is one of my favourite Hammer films. I liked that to begin with, in his segment, Mr Lee appeared to be the villian again: a cold-hearted, mean father to a beautiful little girl (who was the actress), yet we slowly grow to realise that, actually, this man is afraid of his daughter and with very good reason. Such a surprising plotline could have led the actors involved to over-play it but Mr Lee and the little girl (who was brilliant - I hope she's still acting) who played his daughter were so wonderful and so realistic that I almost believed such a thing could happen in real life whilst I was watching it!

10. Gormenghast. This was a brilliant piece. I loved it. Everyone involved was wonderful but again, one has to admire Mr Lee for being able to play these complicated characters (sometimes Flay was heroic; others not so) with remarkable ease.

Wow, that was really hard to choose. There are so many amazing films of Mr Lee's that I have seen and so many others I have not that everyone seems to think are magnificent. I'm still working my way through them all and in the future my list will probably change.


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