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The Evening Standard Newspaper, has published an amusing and quite accurate interview with Mr Lee.

By Nick Curtis:

Christopher Lee is bent over the CD player in his Dorchester suite. "I can't make this thing work," he mutters sepulchrally, before straightening to his full, imposing 6ft 4in and extending a bony hand. Lee will turn 80 in 11 days' time, but only the hands give the game away

Read the full interview

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Beautiful article.

Only evident mistake I noticed was about Mrs Lee being described as "Swedish," but other than that, I loved Mr Lee's comments about work and especially marriage.

Even though Mr Lee says he can't write (anyone who has read his auto-bio knows that he, infact, has a way with words) , I'd love to see him write a book on THE SECRETS TO A LONG AND HAPPY MARRIAGE. Perhaps Mrs Lee could collaborate.

Now that would be something.


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Well, there is another error in that the article says that the next SW film is due next year. Oh, how I wish Smile.

But really, it is one of the better articles I've seen on Mr. Lee this past year.

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nice article. ..I like when he says a veteran of over 250 films very few featuring Dracula...Great line. You can really tell who respects Cl by how the interview is written. I was thinking the other day about the MTV awards and if he won what stupid thing someone might say about Dracula or those little skits they do if one would have something to do with Dracula. It would be unwelcome and showing ignorance because it was so long ago and he has done so much since. I was very happy about the way the article made that very clear ...that he has played so many different people from fact and fiction...not just one

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The article was charming and, indeed, quite amusing. While I did take exception to the fact that Mrs. Lee was being called "Swedish" I did find that, overall, the article was very positive and showed Mr. Lee to be the good, down to earth sort of person he is.

Two of my favorite comments were about secrets of a long and happy marriage/long life but also the picture of Mr. Lee standing over his CD player saying that he can't make "this thing" work. I understand completely. When I saw that comment, I just grinned. At only 39 years of age, I can't always make those things work either!

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It was pleasant to read an interview in which the interviewer asked intelligent questions of the interviewee. All too often, interviewers seem to take an adversarial approach to people, especially celebrities like Mr. Lee.
Nice writing, as well as giving us a picture of an actor who certainly deserves the recognition he receives for all the hard work he has done. If anyone has worked for what he has, it is Mr. Lee.

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I'd love to hear something from Mrs. Lee too, though I respect her need for privacy. I don't know whether I could deal with the fans and the press snooping around. Juan and Christina, do fans recognize the two of you, and ask you questions when you're out in public?

Maria S.

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