Memories of Bray

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A new article by Matt Gemmell titled "Memories of Bray" has added to the articles section.

In its heyday of the late 50's and early 60's Hammer produced some of their best movies . Most of these featured the dual talents of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and have since gone down in history as some of the finest horror movies ever made. Bray studios sits quietly tucked away on a country road beside the River Thames outside London . The village of Bray itself is nearby and looks almost exactly as it did when The Quatermass Experiment was filmed there . The studios are still in use mainly for pop videos and TV programmes but for Christopher Lee fans like myself it will always be remembered as the home of Hammer horror.

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Matt, I've read a number of articles and reviews of that particular Bray event, and I have to say that yours was one of the most enjoyable. The enthusiasm you've expressed brought home the sense of wonder and excitement that any Hammer fan would feel under the circumstances. A pleasure to read, with great photos to boot! Thanks for sharing that with us!



Charles Prepolec

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I loved your article Matt. And the photos were great.
You sound like you had a great time.
Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.

Old Soul

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I've had quite a few e-mails regarding the identity of the lady in the white jacket seen holding a book and pen in my article on Bray.
For these and anyone else who are having trouble placing the face it's Janina Fay from Dracula . She was also in Day Of The Triffids.
40 years on from being scared by " aunt Lucy " and she's still a cutie;)

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it must of been a thirll to meet Janina Faye, i would love to meet her. She was kind enough to send me 4 autographed pictures of herself, 2 as a child and 2 grown up, after I e-mailed her for a photo I could draw for the PC magazine, not may people would do that.

By the way, some great photo's there mate, looks like you had a hoot.:1roll: and a very interesting article, I've actually read it twice now.

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So Matt, you met Janina Faye and got a hug from Caroline Munro? Lucky dog!Laughing out loud

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