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'65 Rigg as Peel still

-66' Walken resume 

-'66 Catwoman 7x9 stills (the stills themselves almost impossible to find)

'66 Avengers Rigg U.K still (from the famous Touch of Brimstone episode.....banned in US then)

'77 Arnold S sgd body build book (lots of fakes on ebay and he has never sgd thru mail......obviously a must for 80s/90s action fans)

-'80 Moonraker japan calendar (sgd by Venini shop girl , signorina del Matteo (curly haired girl who smiled when Bond was choked by python) and countess Labinsky)

-'66 Batmobile Corgi box and Robin puppet , sgd by West & Ward

-'66 trash can sgd by West & Ward

-'69 french lobby sgd by Rigg

-'69 costume test Rigg

'69 german still , Rigg in Portugal

'70 Corgi OHMSS Tracys car (sgd by BOTH 007 & Tracy.......highlight for sure Laughing out loud

70s? Streisand note (stopped signing thru mail late 80s and often refuses in person. Sgd check goes for 200$ easily)

'78 Rocky polish 1sh , sgd by Apollo

'82 Conan german 1sh sgd by Valeria (Arnolds gf in the movie)

'88 Tabary sgd Iznogoud card (RIP last yr)

'95 Mortal Kombat cast still , sgd by Shang Tsung (in London) , Rayden (London) and Sonya (thru mail) 

'95 MK Spain lobby , sgd by Tsang Sung (added "your soul is MINE !")

'95 MK Spain lobby , sgd by Rayden

-Morrincone sgd photo

-'10 Kristanna Loken sgd 30x40 cm photo (bad guy in T3)

-R70s OHMSS italy 2sh , by Rigg (re-issue , early 70s.......obtained London last yr , she had a looooooooooong line of people)









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'82 Locklear contract (added Deen , her middle name which she never does)

Very sad about her recent suicide attempt.....

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