A Wish For Sir Christopher Lee To Play Prospero

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As a steward at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre I cant help wishing that Sir Christopher Lee had been given the part of Horatio in Olivier's 1948 film Hamlet.His articulate and contained presence would have been excellent for the part.It would have meant sharing the screen  alongside Peter Cushing's Osric.Sadly, Mr Lee was given only a spear carrying, uncredited role.Sir Christopher Lee is no less a great actor without a great Shakespearean role to his name,however,im sure  some Shakespearean  roles would have been brilliantly enhanced by Sir Chrisopher Lee.I cant imagine an actor who would have been  half as capable of playing the Hotspur in Henry IV Part One.Still I do wish that a CD,film,or  animation  would provide some inspired version of The Tempest for the perfect Prospero.For me thats ' the stuff that dreams are made of '.


Darren Pearce


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