Show Me The Mummy!

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I was recently listening to a online Real Player video of Steve Martin's "King Tut" from Saturday Night Live (1978), and found myself laughing at the lyrics for the umpteenth time: (from:

"When I was a young man, I never thought I'd see,
people stand in line to see the boy King.
[b]King Tut

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Re: Show Me The Mummy!

Pam, you were in a privileged place tends history classes with Teacher Lee.
Any admiration if you heard the master's explanations and didn't keep them. Like you said: there "was not proves later."
In such company, and to the moonlight, walking among so many amazing things, it is comprehensible an amusement or to "fly."
I find beautiful that relationship that you acquired with Christina. I believe that she was a very kind girl, at least with the people that admired his/her father so much.
I would like to know today you conserve friendship. If you are visited or they communicate.
I already said that to you, but I don't get tired of repeating: " You, Pam, is a fortunate person. If other things left her sad, forget... Christopher Lee with his presence and attention overcomes everything.


Isabel Cristina Forlin Alves

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Re: Show Me The Mummy!

Pam, I have said it before and I will say it again. (Or perhaps I haven't said it at all) anyway. I love your articles. A poster is very good for beating:viking:

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Re: Show Me The Mummy!

Jesus, I bought that Steve Martin comedy album "A Wild And Crazy Guy" 30 yrs ago when I was a kid in school...... However, Martin's "Lets Get Small" is / was better......

OH! I love the tales / films of the old style Mummy...... I hate the Brenden Fraser modern day crapola to the max........ I wish Hollywood would get back to the classic footage..... Cheerio......


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