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I believe it was in 1979 that Christopher had Joy and I over for a visit, and during that encounter, talked to us about a very important project that was coming up in April: The Move. This involved the Lee family changing apartments within the same building in Beverly Hills.

Christopher was quite upset that the movers were not going to be able to box and move his books

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Re: The Move

One greater reading on the article of PAM.
You see that girl's luck. Now she is close of the family Lee and help them in the change and she works with them and with their books, with curtains, finally...
It must really have been compensatory Mr. Lee's smiles, the affection of Christina and Mrs. Lee's attention, as well as the snacks.
With certainty the whole fatigue nor it must have been noticed.
I begin to imagine the landscape seen by the window by Pam and Chris. The walk in Disney, the work, the amusement...
And Mr. Lee complaining of the dog that barked all the day! Did his/her cat run danger?
Congratulations Pam. You are almost of the family Lee.
Have you been visiting the family Lee after those counted facts?
If you had some disillusion, don't call, don't sadden, you are a privileged person, and nothing pays or it turns off those moments with our idol. You are blessed! That God protects you and the whole family Lee. Also us, their fans.Beer


Isabel Cristina Forlin Alves

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