7th Anniversary of the CLW

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October/November 2007
The Seventh Anniversary of the Christopher Lee Website (CLW)

Once upon a time (1956); with the success of [I]


Always Follow Your Hearts Desire

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

I was moved, as always it happens. when reading your article Helen. Actually I was not part of CLW in passed times which you recall, in spite of loving from child Mr. Lee. I was far away from possessing my computer in house and internet... I thank now God for having this opportunity and to be reading and writing at the place, in spite... you know (my famous translator).
You don't get imagines the size of my happiness in the day in that Christina answered my post, also when Juan sent me an email... If, I was able to one day to communicate with Mr. Lee, this I cannot describe like me would feel. And, if I received a picture... oh me leaning that it will be an endless happiness. To know Mr. Lee... an accomplished dream.

I thank the for all involved in the continuation and renewal of CLW, to Juan, Christina, to the partners they offered me to today so many information and that they had patience with my expression difficulties and a lot of times of understanding.
And a big thank you especially to Mr. Lee, because he is the reason of everything this.



Isabel Cristina Forlin Alves

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

That was nice Helen, Wish I had more time to say more, but I am at work right now, :pcguru: might try and say a few things later on.
7 years, how time flys.


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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

It realy is nice to see it online after so many years. Glad that I was able to help out Helen.

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

Seven years, I should have looked the site up sooner, well, better late than never.

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

As a relative newby here I was so glad to find the site I have long been a fan a Mr Lee and this is such a great place to find out what he's doing and how he is.

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

Hello everyone,

Very well-said, Helen! Speaking for myself, I signed up to CLW in January, 2004, but I found that I joined at a time when the website was about to undergo one of its many transformations, and I do seem to recall that there was a somewhat long period during this first year where there wasn't much available for access. Because of this, and also because I must have felt at the time that I did not have all that much to contribute, I didn't begin posting until November of that year. That first post was an account of my mother and I meeting Christopher Lee and Juan Aneiros (though not for the first or last time either, I hasten to add) at the "Christopher Lee - A Celebration In Film" event which was held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Heathrow. I received such warm welcomes and such kind responses from the members of CLW, and this gave me the encouragement to continue posting, because I felt (and still do feel) that I had discovered a wonderful, unique community of people who shared an enthusiasm and admiration for Christopher Lee, who is, for me, the best actor of our times. Well, there have been many changes, people have come and gone, and, as Helen rightly notes, the membership has steadily grown to over six thousand. The website itself, thanks in great part to the efforts of Juan, has continued to grow and flourish, and remains a vital source of information for those who want to know the latest news about Mr Lee. I have made such dear wonderful friends here from all over the world, some of whom I have been fortunate enough to meet in person, and I know this would not have happened were it not for CLW. I cannot find the right words to say how grateful I am for the existence of this site, for all that I have learned and benefited through the kindness and wisdom of others, for the exchanges of views, opinions, and information, for the many hours of pleasure I have known, and for far too many other reasons to list here. I remain very proud and honoured to be a member, and it is a great privilege for me to be associated with the Christopher Lee Website, Mr Lee's official presence on the Internet.

My most sincere gratitude to Mr and Mrs Lee and to Juan and Christina for establishing and maintaining CLW, and for everything this has enabled for all fans of Mr Lee across the world. Congratulations on seven glorious years of CLW! Long may its success last!

With deepest respect and admiration, and warmest regards,


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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

How time flies. I joined in 2002 and quickly became actively involved in the forums as well as contributing articles and reviews.
Unlike many sites it had a family feel to it, and still does to an extent. Many of the earlier names and faces are gone but quite a few remain. Charles, Joakim,Colin,Jacob and the rest. Add to that the newer contributors such as Helen and Andres. I make a point of dropping by once a day to see what's going on.
The most significant and profound effect this site has had for me is that , without it , I would never have met Christopher Lee. Or at least it would have been extremely unlikely. Thanks to Juan & Christina I was able to spend a few hours "at home" in their company alongside Colin & Janice. It's been mentioned here before and I wrote a piece on it but I can't over emphasise the importance of that day.
Mr Lee corrected me when I said it was "an honour" to meet him but I had to retort. " No, no it is" I said and I meant it.
Through Juan, I along with others have had the pleasure of spending some time with Christopher Lee but that day at Juans home is burned into my memory as if it happened yesterday.
The site has had its ups and downs and like any other venture will probably continue to do so.
I wish it and everyone connected with it all the best and look forward to the next 7 years.

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

It's wonderful to know that the site is still up and running and providing worlds of information about the career of Christopher Lee. I was one of the original group of members when Juan and Christina first began developing an internet website. I fondly remember the live chats with Christopher Lee in which he spoke to many of us who were the first fifteen or so participants. Mr. Lee's involvement with the internet has evolved into a very informative site. In additon to learning about the career of such an admired actor, I also met and became long distance friends with some of the fellow fans. Congratulations to the CLW!

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

Happy 7th Anniversary CLW!

I'm glad this site goes on and on...
Thank you to all who are involved with this website and maintain it!


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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

it's hard to believe HOW many years i've been a member here as well. even IF i was gone for a couple of years. it's SURE nice to back. & my how it's CHANGED! i'm glad Juan kept the same color he did back when i 1st joined. & i've been on this site oh off & on for about 5 yrs. or so. i think? anywys happy anniversary Juan. to your WONDERFUL SITE!

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

First I would like to tell how much respect I have and feel for Mr.Lee.
Because of his respectable age and STILL making films and other things!
It perfectly shows what a real good actor Mr.Lee is!
As a very young lady, I saw a Dracula-film with Mr.Lee for the very first time.
Funny is I still remember only that one scene as if it was now!
Die-hard-fans would certainly know exactly which film it's from.
I remember one or two people came into that big door of Dracula's Castle,
and a moment later above a huge stairs stood all of a sudden Mr.Lee as Dracula!
In someway there was ofcourse the "Horror" of the way he looked,
on the other hand... I found this moment,that appearance, so unbelievably impressive!!!
Since then there's NO OTHER actor for me who has played the role of Dracula with so much power,you believed he really WAS Dracula!
Ofcourse through the years I saw many other films with Mr.Lee.
And my admiration and respect grew even more everytime.
Thank you Mr.Lee for all these wonderful films you were in,the years and the years,films and so on who are to come!
Gratulations and much respect to you,Sir Lee!
Love and greetings from Amsterdam,

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

By the way, congratulations to everybody who made this webside of Mr.Lee possible and come true!
It's absolutely beautiful!
Thanks so much for the info and evrything there's to know and find on this webside !
Please stay,for years and years.... to come!!!!!

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

Happy 7th anniversary! Ha ha ha, sounds like a wedding anniversary. But anyway, may the site continue to prosper!

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Re: 7th Anniversary of the CLW

Oh dear, I seem to have missed the anniversary. My apologies Helen, as she asked me to contribute some of my memories of the early days here ages ago and the time simply got away from me. I've been editing a book for publication next year (Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes for Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) and have been completely out of the loop. That being said, I'll try to bang together a few remembrances when I can.

It was a fascinating experience to be a part of the early days here and I'm pleased to see that the site has managed to keep on going, and growing both in numbers and in terms of technology, for 7 years now. You can chalk it all up to Juan's commitment and dedication to making the CLW the best it can possibly be. It's a unique site, as I know of no other that comes even remotely close to providing this level of direct interaction between a subject of Mr. Lee's star status and his fans or that provides the cutting-edge tech to support that interaction. From the looks of it I'd say we are in for yet another leap forward too and knowing Juan there will be some remarkable surprises and treats ahead.

For now, I'll stop here, but I'll get back to this thread with a few of my own reminiscences in due course. Those were chaotic and interesting times that lead to a good number of ongoing friendships and acquaintances that I still treasure today. In the meantime, let me raise a glass and offer my heartfelt belated congratulations to Mr. Lee, Juan, Christina and all the members of the CLW. 7 years is only the beginning!



Charles Prepolec www.sherlocknews.com


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