Conference Room

God has listened to my prayers and I found all the information that you guys need is already available on another site. I won't bother to work on this miself and use the time for something else.

My suggestion for getting into the room and being able to take advantage of every upgrade we make, is not to get into the room by using the "dialing in" on the CU-see me client, but clicking on the link available at the "Conferencing Room" page. If that doesn't work for you, we need to find a solution ASAP because if not you'll always be chasing information which you don't really need. It will also prevent me from changing any settings that are necessary to move on with the times. When you click on the link I provide on that page, certain settings should go into action which is the whole purpose of having a dedicated server as opposed to using CU-seeme built in technology.

Simple, link doesn't work. We need to make it work for you.

The "Conferencing Room" page has now been updated, please follow the instructions listed there only. Even if it works for you now by using other methods, it won't as soon as we start making any changes to the server.

26 June 2002 - 4:17pm
James Lockard's picture

When I click on the "conferencing room" link, all I get is a screen that says ""

26 June 2002 - 4:25pm
Alfonso Casal's picture

I tried getting into the conference room. It seemed to connect, but I received a message saying "Host did not accept your call." Is that normal? I assume that's because the Conference Room isn't open.

26 June 2002 - 5:24pm
Jacob Remery's picture

Well, i had the same problem as Alfonso.

Me being me, i found a solution to this too.
It worked for me, it will work for others......i think. Wink

Open the CuSeeMe program and select prefences from the tools pulldown menu.
Go to advanced settings and ENABLE at network :
allways try H323 first fo point to point connections.

Close the CuSeeMe programm and hit the link which is in the conference room.

Juan, can i get paid for figuring these things out? Tongue j/k

26 June 2002 - 5:29pm
Admin's picture

If you have the client installed, when you click on the link you should be presented with a menu. Put in there "17" as your conference ID and leave the password blank.

Please give details on the client you are using, the OS and your browser if you are having problems. All I can tell is that it works on all our testing systems and perhaphs you need to configure something at your end.

I want to be able to make the link connect straight into the room and configure certain settings automatically at your end but unless the initial one works across all systems, there is no point.

26 June 2002 - 11:38pm
Sylvain Descoteaux's picture

thanks for the tip Jacob, it works perfectly now for me after doing what you recommanded to do.


27 June 2002 - 1:09am
Alfonso Casal's picture

Same here! Thanks for the tip, Jacob. It works fine now.

27 June 2002 - 2:42am
Josslyn's picture

I downloaded the 15 day demo (version 5, I believe) today to see if it would work before I had to purchase software. Therefore, I was not sent a serial number (although I had to give them my e-mail address). The download took an hour and the software installation went fairly quickly and without problems.
I got as far with the conference room as getting in but a box popped up wanted my serial number. When I closed the box it kicked me out. I'm getting the message now that the host will not accept my call. I tried what Jacob suggested with the preferences but that was not an option.
If my concern is rather silly or if I made a huge error with downloading this specific file then forgive me but I am truly at a loss with most computer programs. That last live event with ivisit was as technical as I've ever gotten and even that was rather scary (as anyone who tested that Wednesday with me can confirm).
Any ideas on what I've done wrong?

27 June 2002 - 3:27am
noblerot's picture

I first tried the freeware version of cu-seeme but couldn't get it to work at all. So now, I've downloaded the15 day free trial version of CUSeeMe. I am able to access the conference room by manual dial but when I try to get in through the link I get this message:

Cannot connect to the destination. Make sure you are typing the name correctly, or try again later.

I only get one shot at it too. After I get that error message, all subsequent attempts to enter the conference room hang on the file download of I need to reboot to get the error message again.

I've tried Jacob's suggestion but it doesn't seem to help. I'm using Windows ME and IE5.

27 June 2002 - 4:45am
Admin's picture

Open the CuSeeMe program and select prefences from the tools pulldown menu.  
Go to advanced settings and ENABLE at network :  
allways try H323 first fo point to point connections.

If you have done that, reverse the settings and dissable point to point. By connecting through point to point, you are not inside our server thus you will not take advantage of the technology. In your previous attempts if you got the message "Host did not accept your call", it meant it was working correctly and I just needed to make changes on my side. That is why I asked if you could connect or not.

Please go the the link again and click on it, forget about entering any conference ID because it will take you straight into the room. If you get a welcome message in "Red Letters". you are at the correct place.


Go to
and follow those instructions.

27 June 2002 - 8:12am
Jacob Remery's picture

ok, i reversed the settings and can connect without a problem.
Getting the intro message with red letters.
Everything is working fine. :1roll:

27 June 2002 - 8:31am
mpapadakis's picture

I am on a Mac System 9. Everytime I click onto the conference room link i get a page that says 'connect to the conferencing room' then I get a blank page with only the numbers:
I do not get the red words: welcome
What I do next is copy that information into Cuseeme and I'm in the server.... It seems to be the only way to connect.
Let me know if this is right.

27 June 2002 - 9:39am
Dave Hutchens's picture

Well, I almost feel left out by not having had any problems at all!

Downloaded my trial version, set it up, clicked on the link and got straight in.

I do believe I'm ready to go!:1roll:

27 June 2002 - 5:01pm
Old Soul's picture

I got in with no problem,

The red letters are there, all looks fine, now to test the voice and sound.

Old Soul

27 June 2002 - 5:54pm
Colin Bushby's picture

I can get in no problem thanx to Jacob, but my trial period has lapsed, do you have to keep uninstalling the programme and install it again or are you limited to the firts one?

27 June 2002 - 7:25pm
Dave Hutchens's picture

Colin, if I'm right, you now need to purchase the program. I doubt you'll get more than one trial period. Could be wrong, but that's usually how it works.

Josslyn and I just tested the room...everything seems to be working great! Didn't check my mic yet, tho...and Josslyn mentioned some audio problems.

27 June 2002 - 7:32pm
Josslyn's picture

My mic is giving me fits. I can hear myself from my speakers but no one can hear me. Is it a must to use or can I type?
Video is fine, as Dave mentioned. A little slow maybe but fine. Audio is a little iffy but I think if I used earphones instead (as Skorpionn suggested) it may be better.
Will this mic be a problem?

27 June 2002 - 10:15pm
Skorpionn's picture

Thank God that Jacob has a clue (I certainly don't), and can help us get this worked out. I managed to log into the conferencing room just fine with the instructions. I hope everyone else can have the same luck so no one's left out.

28 June 2002 - 1:41am
Admin's picture

My mic is giving me fits. I can hear myself from my speakers but no one can hear me. Is it a must to use or can I type?

You shouldn't be able to hear yourself. Mute your microphone on Window's volume controls for "playback". On recording, select "microphone". Your settings are the wrong way round. Alternatively, run "Audio Turning Wizard" in "preferences-audio".

but my trial period has lapsed, do you have to keep uninstalling the programme and install it again or are you limited to the firts one?

It won't work.

Use the free vesion, may not be as good looking but it works. You can also use "netmeeting" which is free and already built into Windows.

I am on a Mac System 9.

Sorry, cannot help you on a Mac. I don't have a testing system for it. If you get into the room and see people, even if you don't see the red letters its' better than nothing. You'll have to look for help and instructions from other Mac users, try or

28 June 2002 - 2:25am
noblerot's picture




Go to
and follow those instructions. [/b]

I tried to follow the instructions as best I could (they weren't written for Windows ME) and it looked like everything was already configured. They also suggested downloading a newer version of Launcher.exe but the link they provided was a dead one so I didn't try that.

I decided to re-install the trial version of CUSeeMe and while I was successful in entering the room on two occasions, for the most part I either got the CUSeeMe error message about not being able to connect or else it hung on the file download like before.

28 June 2002 - 5:28am
Dave Hutchens's picture

Hi, Juan...

...I've been trying Netmeeting as an alternative, but when I enter the conference room's address I get the message:

"The person you're trying to call does not accept Netmeeting calls."

Any suggestions on using Netmeeting?


28 June 2002 - 7:28am
mpapadakis's picture

I'm in the conferencing room testing out my new mic and speakers.... but I am alone... I would greatly appreciate anyone joining the room as I would like to run a few tests.
Kind Regards

28 June 2002 - 7:52pm
Colin Bushby's picture

Thanks, Im all sorted now.
Michael, I popped into the room at 7.40pm just a few minutes behind you according to the time on your post and you were gone. Try leaving a specific time if you ever want to test it out with anybody. (hint) Jacob's your best bet:D

28 June 2002 - 7:52pm
Dave Hutchens's picture

Well, I've given up on Netmeeting and am back to CUseeMe; however, I do have one problem. I don't have any audio at all. My video is fine, but the program is telling me I have no recording or playback device installed for audio. Netmeeting gave me no trouble in the testing process, but I wasn't able to connect to the conference room.

So, CUseeMe connects but doesn't give me audio, Netmeeting gives me audio but doesn't connect. Sad

Any advice?

29 June 2002 - 12:31am
mpapadakis's picture


4 July 2002 - 9:15am
radiance's picture

well trid to go ther but keep geting " das not exsist "
sooo now what ?

what ever happens knew this :
7.7. is my b-day ,if i'll get in or not, this is the best present i have ever goten Smile thanks ( and you didnt even knew its my b-day) Smile:1roll: Tongue

4 July 2002 - 9:20am
radiance's picture

numbers all i'm geting is numbers ?!?
c some others have same problem but can not see a seloshen.
what do i do ?
nombers r:

4 July 2002 - 12:56pm
Admin's picture


Which client are you using, OS, browser? Did you go through the FAQs?

With NETMEETING, you cannot get in the room unless I'm logged to the physical server and accept you in. That's the way the software works.

I cannot get into the room, means your browser and/or software is not setup correctly. Not receiving or sending audio is to do with your sound card settings, not the software.

Getting numbers? Means your browser does not recognise the type of link and need to be configured. There are FAQs all over the Net that deal with these problems.

Cams? Forget about them, get the sound working correctly first and then worry about those.

You should install just one client, try and make it work and stick to it until it does. If you install two versions of clients, one might conflict with the other and when you click on the link your computer will not know what to launch. Try one, then if you want to try a different one, uninstall, clear browser cache, reboot and then do a clean install. Sometimes things work straight away, sometimes they don't but where there is a will there is always a way.

6 July 2002 - 2:38am
Skorpionn's picture

I hope everyone will be in the room early because a lot of participants seem to be having problems. I was on with Charles and he said he couldn't hear me well, but when I was on with Jacob, he said the audio was fine. There are so many variables that it seems we need to have someone ask individuals to log on and check each connection to ensure it's working properly. With so many different programs on each computer, and some people have Mac's - there's bound to be problems and it can get very discouraging...I speak from experience. I'm going to be in the room half an hour early tomorrow, if anyone wants to join me so we can "adjust" settings as needed, I'd welcome the help.

6 July 2002 - 10:41am
Admin's picture

Final notes:

Our systems are configured at our end, ready and fully working. Mr Lee will be in the room from 3.30pm GMT but the event will not start until 5.15 GMT. You might see him and notice that he is talking but the microphone might be switched off until the time comes. There are two other cameras in the room so we might be recording for something else.

Talk all you want before he starts, once he does please keep silence.

6 July 2002 - 3:30pm
mpapadakis's picture

I can't get into the conference room I keep on getting
No response from
[ECU ID#:8293]
Please help

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